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  1. nerrollus

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    Is TSG the only hourly paid department that's not union? I'm kind of confused why we don't fall under the union umbrella since we're not supervisors, specialist, managers, etc ... Just full time hourly employees.
  2. Cole

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    What is "TSG"? Never heard of it. I don't think;)
  3. nerrollus

    nerrollus New Member

    TSG stands for Technology Support Group. They're the ones that maintain all the computers and technology related items.
  4. Fredless

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    There was a thread about this earlier. I think because its such a skilled job, and not everyone is created equal in that field.
  5. Channahon

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    You are classified as a non union admistrative employee. Such as HR, Business Development, IE, PE and Automtive.

    Most, if not all, Operations clerks are union.

    Have you worked as a union employee elsewhere, or feel you need to represented by a union? Just curious
  6. nerrollus

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    Isn't PE and Automotive represented by a union? I'm fairly certain PE is atleast. I don't view PE or Automotive any differently than TSG, except those guys are covered by the union.

    I've never been in a union, but given the current state of TSG, yes I think we could use a union. We're loosing people and positions like crazy because of the insane management practices.
  7. krash

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    Automotive is Union here:thumbup1:
    Call the local that covers your area and see if yall can sign up.
  8. SeniorGeek

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  9. Channahon

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    The automotive and PE mechanics are union. The office clerks are non union.