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  1. undies

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    I was curious how this works. One of our newest FT utility drivers was given this schedule. At first glance it seems pretty crappy...but after helping out with Saturday air, I'm kind of jealous. He does full driver work for 4 days than easy air/shuttle work on Saturday.

    So my question, how does this work? Can someone bid for this, bump or request this?

    I'd love Mondays off to spend more time with my daughter!!
  2. East coast navy

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    It depends on what your local contract says. Some locals let you bid outside of your classification where others say you have to transfer into the classification in order to bid. Some locals say when you get a bid job you are married to it until you vacate it. Others say the job you are on goes up for bid every 6 months, once a year or every two years. They very depending on the local. You would have to check with your steward.
  3. Indecisi0n

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    Here it's a bid route and gets posted like any other route.
  4. East coast navy

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    Where is this?
  5. SmithBarney

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    Works nicely at FDX, always thought it would have been nice when I was at UPS but we had 22.3 guys who ran SAT
  6. Overpaid Union Thug

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    Here in the southern, at least in the Nashville area, those are 22.3s. But Tuesday-Saturday routes for regular drivers will be coming soon. Via Amazon deliveries on Saturdays.
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    Would this create additional fulltime jobs or would they just shift and consolidate? I've heard the same thing is happening here. I can't get mgmt to tell me the implications as it would relate to me
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    It's a bid route here.

    I'm cover, and I thought about bidding a Tuesday through Saturday route, but I didn't like the route.

    Mondays off would be nice, I guess.

    I talked to the driver who got the bid - Saturdays he runs air for the first half of the shift, then he picks up UPS Stores. Basically gets his eight on Saturday, one way or another.

    His route sucks. Now that he's on the T-S shift, I'm called on to cover his route on some Mondays.

  9. upschuck

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    Probably have no idea, yet.
  10. By The Book

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    I thought Saturday air was part time work by seniority if your qualified and have worked less than 37 hours.
  11. Fragile

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    In some of our buildings that schedule is bid, but it is not part of the route. However you must do full 8 hours on Saturday. In other building it's forced just like in your situation where a low seniority full time driver is forced on it.

    Let's say for instance you are a full time ground driver. Tuesday-Friday you do your route and on Saturday they do air then pick ups. You're off on Monday and a cover driver does your route if you have one.

    I should note in my local we have full time cover drivers. Saturday is reserved for part timers and some 22.3 but they are almost always down staff. Not enough volunteers.

    Pros: You get a day off that's a weekday for errands during normal business hours. You're also not doing a real load on Saturday, usually no bulk, lots of driving, etc. It's easy.

    Cons: Your Friday night and Saturday are pretty much shot and you loose overtime (if that is important to you).
  12. DOK

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    Can they just pick and choose which routes they're doing this to, or is the tue-sat designation on the driver and not the route? And can you work mon- sat if you want?
  13. UpstateNYUPSer

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    I would think that, at first, they would just run "garbage routes" on Saturday until the volume justifies running a full blown operation.
  14. 3 done 3 to go

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    I'm thinking the lowest seniority guys will be rebid. Then at normal bid times. Other routes will be added