Tv in original packaging arrived cracked

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by jmusbach, May 28, 2013.

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    Was there a big boot print on the box?
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    Go to best buy wal mart or SAMs to get your tv. Otherwise it's a chance u know your taking.
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    No boot print, but definitely a imprint on the box indicating pressure around the area where the crack occurred. Why would a UPS driver step on a tv?!
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    Why would you join four months ago just to complain about a damage today?

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    First off, the driver shouldn't have delivered it if it looked like a possible damage !!
    That is his/her only mistake

    Drivers don't go stepping on TVs. 99.99% of all damages happen before the package is in the delivery truck.

    Contact whomever you bought it from, and they will send you another TV. They do not want to lose a sale.
  7. jmusbach

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    No, you see I bought the TV from Sony while in upstate NY and have been using it there for several years. Time came to move back to California so I repackaged it and shipped it to Cali only to find that it was damaged in transit. I know for a fact that it was not damaged when I gave it to UPS, so they did something to crack it. Sometimes I wonder if drivers just choose random packages to exert their anger into...
  8. Based on my professional opinion, the preloader must have tossed one the those little 40LB boxes over your TV. That explains the missing footprint.

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    So then how come it didn't get damaged when Sony shipped it? Do they instruct the company to not put stuff on top of their tvs?

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    1) I don't see any packaging material in the box. Did you use any ?

    2) Did you insure your package for $800 ? You are only insured up to $100 without it.
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    Yeah I insured it for $800. I used the material Sony shipped it with, which are foam inserts to keep it in the middle of the box.

  12. When stores ship a TV, they just put a sticker on the TV box. If your TV was shipped on a regular box, it most likely will get damaged. Its not seen as a TV, its just another heavy irreg being tossed & crushed.

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  13. I'm sorry when I was loading a feeder two days after you shipped it, I stepped on it.
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    Lol I'm assuming you're kidding, would take some real guts to admit to that publicly.
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    A sticker will not protect valuables encased in cardboard.

    My suggestion, OP, is proper packaging (not even, go overboard and pack your shipment beyond what a reasonable person would) and insurance. Never forget insurance with expensive shipments.
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    Did you ship it yourself or did you bring it to a retail counter?
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    Your lack of properly packing the TV isn't UPS's problem. You decided since it was in a box designed to show features of the TV, not to ship it, that you'd assume that's proper packaging. Most TV's arrive at B&M on pallets, secured in a box type formation with other models of that manufacturer. Did you honestly take a moment to think that a 1/8th inch of cardboard was enough protection to ship your TV across the country? Some retailers choose to do this and take the loss on improper packaging because of the margin on TVs when they do get broke equates to the cost of doing buisness You rolled the dice with improper packaging and lost. UPS is going to deny your claim for that reason, and rightfully so.

    A simple google search would send you to this link, to fully explain how to properly pack your 800 dollar TV. If I was shipping something that expensive, I would have taken a moment to check if I wanted to insure I was doing it correctly.
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    When Sony ships the package the at first, it is by containerload or pallet load. All nice and wrapped together. When shipping with any small package carrier, All cardboard needs to be new or like new condition. You used used several year old cardboard. There was nothing to really protect the TV from any kind of weight placed on the middle of the box. The inserts would keep the TV int he mdidle, but there was nothing to keep the cardboard from not yielding to weight placed on the middle of the box. When we move a package from Pt A to Pt B. we load them with 2000 other packages into a trailer. Sometimes your package is at the top of the 10' walls, other times it's at the bottom. We do try to use the largest, heaviest and sturdiest boxes to be at the bottom. You should assume it will be at the bottom with hundreds of lbs of weight on top of it. I'm willing to bet, your claim will be denied due to poor packing.
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    1) Insufficient packing

    2) Troll
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    Not that it matters, but I always hated those big flat-screens. Falling down all day and always in the way.:surprised: