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    i went driving 10/14/13 and drove everyday till 1/17/14 but when i ask my center manager about seniority he says he not sure i have gain seniority for us it's 30 within 90 question for the last two weeks i have not drove but their is someone still driving that has less seniority then me i do not know that route but i know i can learn it can i file or not? or am i just still considered a part timer? :( thanks brown brothers for help.
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    You can file if you are both part time and you have more seniority than him. If he is full time with less seniority than you he still gets the work. Like if he went full time cause you turned it down for example. But part time to part time and you are both qualified cover drivers seniority prevails.
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    Make sure when you do make book, make sure your date of seniority is ahead of the other driver.

    By the way, there are many routes you will get dumped on cold. You don't know them, but you will.
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    The only way you will know for sure if you gained seniority would be to talk to your shop steward. If he/she does not know, ask he/she who you would speak with to get an answer. That person will also know if you are able to file a grievance on the other driver.
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    thanks for the answers gonna wake up earlier tomorrow and see if i can get some straight answers will keep you guys posted.
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    Days worked November and December don't count toward your 30 in 90. I made seniority in 2007 after working September through February. But 30 in 90 doesn't seem to mean anything anymore as seniority seems to be more "given" than "made." Guys in my center cover-drive for up to 2 years (in the case of accidents/ injuries).