typical work gear in the UPS warehouse?

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  1. Rayver723

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    likely on the night shift/early morning with winter time upon us. i'm in california, bay area. so i dont have to deal with snow or harsh conditions. but it does get cold at nights, maybe 50's/high 40's, or would it be better to wear lose fitting clothing during work? might get hot indoors with all the phsical work

    so here's the checklist so far i get from other posts.

    no required uniform, like UPS logo shirts, etc?
    good pair of gloves
    boots, possibly steel toe

    otherthan that, wearing anything you want?

    are beanies or hats allowed?
    for pants, cargo khakis, jeans?
    maybe a back brace or wrap would be helpful with all the lifting?
  2. MR_Vengeance

    MR_Vengeance United Parcel Survivor

    no dress code for loaders, you can wear anything you feel comfortable in.
  3. brownrodster

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    You can wear a 10 gallon cowboy hat, a zz top beard, the biggest darkest sunglasses ever and a velvet jumpsuit if you want.

    Just show up. thats all they care about.
  4. PassYouBy

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    "I only wore it once"... I just wanted to know how the velvet felt up against my skin..:)
  5. Lobofan5

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    I know what Lobo is going to wear TOMMOROW!!!

    Great idea!!!

  6. Lobofan5

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    Actually to answer your question.

    You would probably be fine with a long sleeve shirt with a short sleeve shirt over it..which you could take one off if you got warm.

    I wore gloves in the very beginning..but found they were just in the way. My hands are used to the boxes now and dont get as dry as they used to in the beginning.

    I cant stress enough how important GREAT shoes are. I wear a really supportive hiking boot..made for all the walking im doing. Take care of your feet..they are a must have for the job.

    If you follow the methods the back support is not necessary..but if you DON'T follow the methods..a back BRACE may be needed.

    Good luck.
  7. VTBrown

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    The only real requirement you'll ever hear (more in the small centers - where your not a number) is foot wear.

    It's become one of Safety's picking points.