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    As most of you know I recently made it into an Air driver/hub sort combo job, and I have had it pretty good so far. Air driving allows me to pick out whatever truck I want as long as its big enough to hold everything that I pickup, and I have been rather spoiled as I always got the new automatics with powersteering and all the bells and whistles. The truck I was driving most often has less than 10k miles on it. Well that all changed last night when the demands of peak season left me nothing other than an old ten cube with no power steering and a stick. The stick part didn't bother me since my daily driver has been a stickshift for years, but that no power steering on that truck was horrendous. All I really have to say on that is that I have a lot more respect for those of you that put up with those trucks for 10+ hours a day for over 20 years. Luckily I had to only deal with it for 4 hours, but even if I have to get a stick, I am hoping for something with power steering as I don't want to put up with that again if I don't have to. :turned:
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    .......are you saying you don't want rotator surgery and other complications when you are in your 50's?
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    I do, however it's conditional and contingent on being able to simultaneously get surgery with insurance that I have to pay premiums for, while watching my pension get squandered ... that would be the best!
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    take the keys off first thing in the morning. i knew a guy who does that every morning.