Ught ooooo The machines are here.

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    You can't stop it. It's human nature to advance technology. Robots will advance to the point of near humanoid form regardless of the repercussions.
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    I'm retired---I've got all the time in the world.
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    You watch too many movies
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    I hope you told them yes
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    At least you hope you do.
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    i got some bad news for you old man, you don’t lol
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    I've got some bad news for you too---neither do you.
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    He’s not wrong though ...
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    We're all dying one day at a time.
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    They’re great at running the company for sure, but I think they way they run it is dumb. And it’s just something I hate about businesses these days. Gotta keep cutting costs as much as possible, cut, cut, cut to please the shareholders.
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    meanwhile they are unemployed and going for their third degree, this time in lesbian dance theory....
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  13. Not true. Automation has already laid off many workers. In my location, they build a brand new automated hub and pull volume from numerous hubs. Hundreds have been laid off or removed full time status to part time.
  14. It rains quite a bit here, not concerned.