Uh Oh! Hope that wasn't Eskew's house!

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by upsdude, Dec 8, 2006.

  1. upsdude

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    Raw Video: Fedex Truck Smashes Into House
    A Fedex delivery truck crashed into the front of a home outside Atlanta. The truck appeared to have crossed part of the home's yard and smashed into the side of the garage. (Dec. 7)
  2. alister

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    Just another example of how FedEx goes the extra mile for "Home Delivery":thumbup1:
  3. scratch

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    Nope, that wasn't a Fedex Ground truck attacking the Boss's house! My Center (and part of my route) delivers Henry County, which is located on the southside of the "ATL". Mr. Eskew, I would guess, probably lives in a much bigger house on the Northside nearer to Corporate.:detective
  4. moreluck

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    wow.....nice house too. Maybe he was trying to get the presents right there under their Christmas tree.
  5. AcesUp804

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    This is why you should always tip :)
  6. jlphotog

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    If you look at the lay out of the street and the position of the house, the cars on the street and the trees in the front yard. There is no way that was an accident. Assuming the cars directly in front of the house were there at the time of the incident, it was really good aim. And to build up enough speed on that road to go across the front lawn which appears to be about two and a half truck lengths and into the house, the driver must have been really :censored2: off at the home owner. Either that or had some medical problem like a heart attack or some serious mechanical problem with the vehicle.

    To me it looks like revenge.
  7. upsdude

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    A news report said the truck was parked on a hill, roll away.
  8. 30andout

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    Looks like that house is probably about the size of Mikes guest house.
  9. dragracer66

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    If they operate like parcel he or she will be promoted to management any day now!!!
  10. xkingx

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    bet they were right on time...now thats service!!!
  11. upsdude

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    Thank You for Calling FedEx, May I Help You?

    Yes, one of your trucks just crashed into my garage!

    Oh my, do you know how many stops the driver has left? No, I mean, is anyone hurt?

    Everyone looks OK.

    What color are the letters on the truck?


    I need to know what color the letters are.


    Uh Oh, sucks to be you. That driver is an independent contractor, he doesn’t really work for FedEx. Thank You for calling FedEx, is there anything else I can do for you?
  12. EAM_Master

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    He just didn't have any money left to fix his own truck. Sucks to be a contractor:crying:
  13. Jack4343

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    Yep, he lives in 30319, near Peachtree Road off of Peachtree Dunwoody (North Buckhead) if I remember correctly. The homes there are really nice but modestly sized. The neighborhoods there are very old and lots of "old money" live there. I remember working a Saturday a couple of years ago and waiting for the early AM's to come down and seeing all the management going ape :censored2: when a early AM for Mike Eskew came down the belt, seeing as it was already 9:20am and the commit time was 9:30. I guess that was one early AM that wasn't locked into the board before leaving the building, huh? :wink:
  14. hoser

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    ah, the crash scene forensic expert speaks out. of course, forget of the possiblity of human failure (seizure, passing out, flawed judgement) or mechanical failure (brakes, steering), or external conditions (lighting, road conditions, distractions), let's just assume that by the road layout on a fuzzy .wmv, that this was a deliberate act.

  15. MonavieLeaker

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    He was just trying to get his air off in time :lol: :lol: :lol: