Accident during probation

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    I'm doing my second stop of the day. A NDA signiture required delivery at a residential area. I got there and parked the package car at the curb. Flashers on and mirror folded. I walk out with the package. See nobody. No cars starting up or running. I cross the street and rang the door bell a couple times. Waited for about a minute. No answer. Info notice NI1. Then I heard a loud bang. Turn around and just saw my truck sitting there thinking something heavy fell off the shelf. As I service cross the box and go around the truck, that's when I saw an old lady outside her car looking at the damages. She somehow made contact with the front bumper of the truck when she drove out of her driveway in reverse. The package car wasn't damage. But her Prius will require a new bumper since it struck right side. She did not argue or complain to me. She appears to feel guilty about it yet was in a rush to get to work.

    I called the center immediately and talk to my manager. He told me to give her his number and for her to call him which I did and for me to continue my route. Here where things get messy. The lady and I both took pictures of the accident and exchange ID's, but both of us forgot to exchange phone numbers. Later in the evening my manager calls me and stated that she hasn't call him back. He tells me to give him the address where the incident occurred so he can go and see if she is there. I get a call again from him asking what the color the car was and he said he'll take care of it going forward.

    Today I have the day off. So tomorrow I will hopefully find out if I'm DQ. This type of DQ would really suck because I did nothing wrong but know how UPS treats every accident like it's your fault. Not getting her number is my biggest :censored2: up. If the lady doesn't call him this thing could drag on. My manager said that he wants to talk to her and ask her how she wants to proceed going forward.
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    Oopsie daisy.
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    Your toast bud , BACK TO THE TRAILER ROOKIE
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    No damage, no accident. Sounds like the lady just wants to forget about it. Don't go looking for trouble. Had a similar thing happen to myself. Asked the lady what she wanted to do about it and she told me just to forget it. Since you did not witness the accident you just have her word for it.

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    The person backed into your lawful park position.
    Why are you going crazy that you're DQ'd ?????
    Your supervisor sounds pretty normal and not blaming you.
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    How old was she ? Maybe she has dementia and forgot she hit a UPS truck. Hopefully she remembers it as a FedEx truck.
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    Unless of course if he was parked directly in front of the driveway. Super could be a dick then
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    We all know they can make whatever ruling they want.
    He wasn't "blocking" a driveway, which would make it a bad park position.

    LOL, delivered almost 20 years.
    The percentage that the resident will be coming down the road when I block a driveway is a solid 51% LOL
  14. Wilson1397

    Wilson1397 Half the lies they tell about me aren't true!!

    Lol.....27 yrs here and I think it’s more like 65% or so. They will spin it any way they want.
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    What are the alternative facts?
  16. It's always your fault. A meteorite could fall from the sky and it would still be your fault.
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    It'll buff out.
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    I did have a bigger truck. The only way I could think of how she'll hit the truck was reversing and turning right, instead of straight backing. My guess is that she never bother to check her mirrors. There was nothing to obstruct her view that she couldn't see a large brown truck. It was clear as daylight.
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    A HWP is probably the least serious kind of accident, ESPECIALLY if your mirrors were tucked, your flashers were on, and you were against a curb and not blocking driveway. Unless your center manager is a dick, or he has someone in mind other than you that he wants to fill your spot, you should be fine. I broke the sliding glass on my door with the seatbelt and got hit by a drunk driver (proved unavoidable) in my packet, they still passed me. Chill bra
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    Free money!