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Discussion in 'UPSers International' started by CBUK, Jun 11, 2008.

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    Is it just me or are the misrouted hub packages seriously on the increase?

    We get so many packages arriving at our centre that dont belong to us. We have a new all singing, all dancing hub at Tamworth but the simple process of assigning a postcoded package to the correct centre seems beyond our capability.

    I can understand the odd few but we get anywhere between 50/100. I also get so many late by day packages and missing bulk packages that even the customers are starting to notice an question the reasons. What do I tell them?

    Yesterday I was stopped by a guy in a 7.5T Feeder vehicle. He was from Northampton, the neighbouring centre and he was delivering misroutes to us at Bury. He needed directions to the centre from me and he told me he had already made a delivery to Hunstanton in Norfolk on behalf of the Norwich centre that borders Bury on the other side.

    It gave me a chance to tell him that I had 10 misroutes for Cambridge that I had been instructed to go and deliver to avoid them being late by day. I managed to deliver them all but did deliver 2 1200Ex packages at 1600.

    I found out today that a driver from our centre at Bury had to go and deliver a package in Bournemouth which is a 400 mile round trip. We also sent a driver to Barking in London to drop off and collect misroutes. All this pass the parcel lark is making a mockery of the hub system. Is it this bad elsewhere in the U.K. I can only assume it is.
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    Yes its just as bad down here in southampton cant give you exact details i had 2 an my van just this week, i think its the "lynx effect" this extra volume etc etc.
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    Backing up what Poozer has said, Southampton has had quite a few - we have had drivers delivering to Brighton, Swindon, Bristol, Cheltenham, and Oxford yesterday and today for instance.
    They all get done mind :)

    Nothing like the Lynx bulk effect - you'll be in a P82 soon Poozer :)

    I also seem to be sorting out several RTS' packages that should be bound for UPS Eastleigh as well, but I'm sure it'll settle down in time.
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    Good old Tamworth. We were promised that it was going to be fully automated but it is still a manual sort!!
    As an Account Executive the first 2 weeks after project Ascend were a nightmare, so many misroutes and issues. Seems to have got better and sorted it's self out now that we are a couple of weeks down the line.
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    WE have in the us to I had 5 in one day most i ever had was 19 in one day it was a night mare
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    Not just me thats noticed pkgs missing from bulk shipments, almost daily now i get bulk with one missing. Mothercare & Pampered Chef seem to be two of the main ones. I have numerous regulars who have a lot of PC and there is always one missing same goes for Mothercare, only good thing is that the consignee is normally heavily pregnant so is usually in.

    We were told when Tamworth came online all sorts would be in and sorted by 5am but we're still unloading them at 7:30 some days, last i heard was that they were 100odd short and were having to bus in Polish workers from London
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    Hi mate few mornings we dont get out till 8 15 > 8.30
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    At our Tamworth Hub the volume has increased about sixfold in the past week. To the extent that we're having to turn away customers as we haven't enough vehicles to pick everything up. I'm on Feeder but I was talking to a Package car driver last week and hes got twice as many drops and due to the sort running late has about an hour less a day to deliver them. On another note reading about people driving all over the place to deliver misrouted packages, I currently have to go on a 2 hour round trip most days to a customer in an arctic to pick up 2 pallets at most because Northampton Branch apparently havent got a spare 7.5 ton truck to pick them up with and they cant guarantee to fit them on a package van. Most days theres as little as 2 boxes. Does this strike anyone else as a ridiculous waste of money?
  9. Tiny Panda

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    Doesnt surprise me in the slightest, we have a freight forwarder that ships a good 2 package cars full a day, they dont have a regular collection as the route driver never has time to go there, they did start stopping by in their 17 tonner to drop off big stuff on the way back from one of their collections but when our sup at the time told the driver he had to unload it himself they stopped it, now we have messages every day asking for volunteers to go and do the pick up, its only a 5 mins drive from the centre but you would think someone who ships that much would get a better service, sometimes 10 drivers turn up and sometimes they have to call us because no-one has turned up.

    Bizarre how we havent lost them yet.

    On a side note, EMA showed up at 8am this morning, half hour late. 96 dels and leaving 45 mins later than normal