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  1. MrFedEx

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    Let's say I'm a bazillionaire, and I want to start a new company that will compete with FedEx. I'm going to duplicate it exactly and call it UnFedEx. Same number of employees, planes, trucks....everything. Do you think my new company will be classified under The Railway Labor Act, and will I also receive an Express Carrier Exemption? I think not.

    Isn't Fred Smith a champion of free market thought and entrepreneurship? So wouldn't he want me at UnFedex to enjoy the same advantages as he does over at FedEx? After all, we're both going to be competing for business against UPS, right? So, I should be classified exactly the same way over at UnFedEx.

    Shouldn't all of we "entrepreneurs" compete on the same level playing field? The Free Market will sort it all out and when consumers make their choice it should be among companies that have an equal chance to try and win their business. Right? Wrong.
  2. quadro

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    What makes you think you wouldn't be classified under RLA, especially if that's what you angle for? Fred would support it just as he supports reclassifying UPS under RLA.
  3. ex fed exer

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    all the loop holes that smith used to get fed ex to where it is now have all been closed down. by who? fred smith. you can no longer use the same tactics that smith used. it has been trid and shot down.that's mighty republican of you mr smith.
  4. MrFedEx

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    Even though I'm a bazillionaire, there's just enough money to get UnFedEx going. I don't have money for PAC's, pay-offs, or massive political "contributions". I guess I'll have to steal the money from the inheritance funds of my 2 sisters so I can play too. Otherwise, I won't be able to be under the RLA. And do you really think Smith would support a competitor having the same advantages he does? Get real. Being "special" is what FedEx is all about. I don't doubt that Smith supports having UPS under the RLA because he knows it would never happen, so he can say anything he wants. IF UPS were ever re-classified, they'd blow FedEx out of the water because they could drop their rates. Keep trying. As of now, you're working harder, not smarter.
  5. Fedex Driver

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    LOL are we talking about the the same UPS?UPS would never drop their rates.I guess you dont know much about UPS or how they operate.Lowering rates is not in their agenda.
  6. MrFedEx

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    IF UPS were under the RLA, which would never happen anyway, AND they were able to get rid of the Teamsters, then they'd drop their rates. Neither will happen, so the point is moot. Just like Fred saying that he wants a "level playing field" by having UPS re-classified, not FedEx. What a joke.
  7. quadro

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    Then you're not a very good businessman. Starting a company that size and not staying connected to the political arena isn't very wise. Might not be fair but it is what it is.
    Fred has already said he supports UPS being classified under RLA. Heck, even UPS supports UPS being covered under the RLA and in a way, they do enjoy pseudo RLA protection, so if they were to officially change to RLA, I highly doubt they would drop their rates.
    But not half as hard as I'll probably have to work if a contract is negotiated.
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    If there is another company that covers the entire U.S. with truck routes and is classified under the RLA please state what that company is. Also please name another "airline" that covers entire states with trucks.

    It's funny how you continue to take the stance that UPS is completely responsible for the questioning of the Federal Express classification under the RLA. It has been a questionable classification ever since it was inserted into the FAA bill back in '96.

    "But not half as hard as I'll probably have to work if a contract is negotiated."
    Who are you fooling and what are you talking about with this? Please elaborate.
  9. quadro

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    I never said or suggested there was another company. I am simply commenting on to MrFedEx's hypothetical company. How many airlines do you know that operate trains? After all it is called the Railway Labor Act. Don't get so hung up on the terminology that you lose sight of the intent.

    It was in there before '96. The exemption was just added back in at that time. It's no secret that that UPS and the Teamsters are behind the questioning. Who do you think is Oberstar's biggest supporter and contributor?

    I'm not fooling anyone. There should be no doubt in your mind that if a contract is negotiated the union is going to push for higher wages and FedEx is going to push for higher goals as in requiring you to work harder. While all of this is simply speculation and opinion do you really think that FedEx is going to agree to higher wages, etc, without requiring more from its employees?
  10. Just Numbers

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    Well ask yourself this...if UPS didn't raise rates how would they pay for those those high wages, which go up every year and also the increase in benefits. UPS is slowly pricing itself out of business.
  11. Brown287

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    Funny thing is that FedEx has risen rates every year right along with UPS. Your own words state that the increase was for higher wages and an increase in benefit costs. So I ask all you Purple Suckers, what is FedEx doing with its increase in revenue.
    FedEx employees and people who deliver Ground and H.D. packages listen up, if you think that you are rightly compensated then be happy but for those of you that see the forest through the trees, you are getting SCREWED!
    I would also like to point out that the prices that UPS and FedEx charge have a lot more parity then you realize. Amazing when you realize that through pay and benefits a UPS driver makes 3 times what a ground driver does and almost twice what a Express driver does.
    However I have forgotten, FedEx employees are doing just fine on their own. They can manage things just fine now with out any help. Please forgive us for trying to empower you guys to better yourselves. Ground and H.D. drivers I apologise for emplying that your pay is not adequit, remember you should just be happy to have a job.
  12. bbsam

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    or get ups to give yhem a job.
  13. xoxo87

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    "Starting a company that size and not staying connected to the political arena isn't very wise. Might not be fair but it is what it is.". That's true