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  1. tourists24

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    Does anyone have any idea who makes our uniforms now and what brand we used to get? Seems to me that back when we could order 5 sets the things were a little scratchy at first but, once broken in, seemed comfortable and lasted a long time. These things we get now (4 sets in my area) are VERY uncomfortable and never get softer. They also have a very short life span.

    Also, is there anywhere we can order rain jackets, those old wool sweaters (loved those things), or any other type of uniform accessories. Or have we cut costs here too?
  2. Griff

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    Cintas is making our stuff now (here at least).

    Riverside is who used to make our uniforms.

    Cintas is H-O-R-R-I-B-L-E. I had to reorder pants 3 times to get the size right, all the measurements were off.
  3. scratch

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    We used to have Riverside, and then Cintas after that. Now we have Twin Hill. They are inferior and made in China I think.`All my pants waists are sized wrong, they are too tight. All my shirts are defective too, the button over my naval keeps coming undone. Do I need Feeder uniforms???????????
  4. IWorkAsDirected

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    Not only are they made in China, what a slap in the face. They are crappy and need to be ironed. We don't have a laundry service at our center we do them ourselves and we go around looking like we slept in our clothes because no one wants to iron them.
  5. tourists24

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  6. upsgrunt

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    We like to make the remark to each other at our center "Nice shirt, you been keeping that in your wallet?"
  7. satellitedriver

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    Heck, the uniform isn't broke in for at least a years wear.
    At least that is my story when my wife complains that I am starting to look shabby.
  8. browned_out

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    :angry: Out here on the West Coast we use Cintas, Riverside was the company before. Quality has taken a back seat, price must have been the deciding factor to switch companies.
  9. bad company

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    TwinHill makes mine. They are terrible. Besides the button and sizing flaws, the color seems to be more of a green than a brown.

    TwinHill is a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Men's Wearhouse. Their CEO is always on tv saying "You're going to like the way you look, I guarantee it". I think he should put his money where his mouth is and revamp our pathetic excuse for a uniform. And what is the deal with our hats? They are also terrible. I've tried all of them, and they all make you look goofy as could be.
  10. BigBrownSanta

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    I've noticed that too. Makes me feel like I'm on an episode of "King of the Hill".:lol:
  11. Joseph Grimm

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    I have been waiting for a new jacket for over 1 month! (the zipper broke-5+years old) I was wearing a brown zippered hoodie under the jacket shell. When I nicely asked why it was taking so long, I received no answer. That evening, there was a filthy, dirty, Helper's jacket that I had to launder. I am afraid to turn in my ripped, paper thin pants, for fear of whose used pants I'll be given. :whiteflag:
  12. rod

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    It's hard to imagine that a little over 6 years ago I burned enough GOOD UPS pants and shirts and socks in my retirement party bonfire to outfit a half dozen drivers. Tried to turn the pants in but management said they didn't want them. Same with a couple of newer winter coats and a rain jacket. Kept the coats altho I don't know why. Never have worn them since.:euro:
  13. thom1842

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    When I started driving about 4 months ago, I had to reorder my pants twice to get them to fit. Usually I wear a 36 waist and I am sporting a "40" in ups pants, I can't believe they are that far off. The pants I got were also used by someone else before me and are so faded that the browns are different shades than my shirts, making for a horrible and non-professional look.
  14. outamyway

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    I'd hate to think of "who" is really making these new uniforms. Would they be old enough to go to school if they were in america? Are these new uniforms contaminated in unknown chemicals? I'd hate to know.

    I just hope the uniforms I have last a long time because I'm dreading the day I have to order new ones.
  15. rod

    rod retired and happy

    When I got drafted and they issued us our Army uniforms they told us they only came in 2 sizes- too small and too large:happy2:
  16. scratch

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    And another thing about these sorry looking Twin Hill uniforms. My Center won't let us order new uniforms because of a "Lock" on ordering them. The PM OMS that does the ordering says she has no order forms and is locked out of the ordering system for right now. I only have two pair of long pants, and both of them have rips in them. The belt loops on these Twin Hill pants get frayed fast too, thats the first part that wears out on my pants.
  17. Jack4343

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    Twin Hill here also. We used to have Riverside. They are horrible. The logo on my jacket fell off after 1 month's of use. I've seen the side reflector trim fall off on other drivers jackets. The long jacket that I used to get now comes in a thiner, water proof version. Not comfortable and the lining comes out of the sleeves when you put it on. The poorly mismatched colors and the bad craftmanship in the uniforms matches our dirty trucks so I guess we are "uniform" in appearance.
  18. Cementups

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    I bought a suit at Men's Warehouse and as we were talking I mentioned I was a UPS driver and the sales guy told me that their company did our uniforms (not mine) and they would do adjustments to uniforms as needed.

    We have Cintas here now. We had Riverside. My odl Riverside shirts were to short in the sleeve even though I had ordered XXL-T. So I oredered new shirts and ordered XXL-TT. OMG, They are really long. They almost touch my weeding band. And the cuff is so big (only one button, no adjustment) that I could push them up all the way to my elbows. I don't even need to undo the button to put my hand thru the cuff. I need to alter them a bit when I care enough to take the time.
  19. tieguy

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    This is definitely one thread that I am hoping is being read by the corporate folks. I had to go up two sizes in long sleeve shirts from what I normally wear before I finally got something that actually fit. In the meantime I ordered all kinds of combinations.

    In some cases ordering shirts listed as bigs or extra longs were smaller then regular cuts in the same size.

    The size issues have to be costing us a ton of money with all the uniforms being ordered and returned.

    Scratch you were the victim of a lock down. Finance found a new trick now. When they think we've spent too much money on uniforms or they want to cut expenses they simply lock down everyone in the district. Needless to say I got my share of the grief on that idea. Frontline catchs hell for some hair brained idea from the staff.
  20. Coldworld

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    I cant wait until the summer when everyone is running around in "DAISY DUKES!" At least some of the ladies, and some men, at businesses might take notice. Maybe there should be a bumper sticker that reads "ups drivers butts drive me nuts!" Im just glad I only see some of the fatties at my center for a few minutes a day....not sure why they want to be like daisy duke, but they think it works for them....ride on!!!