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  1. hotsplash

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    i just passed the 30 mark at ups where i work as a preloader and was wondering how long they will keep taking dues out of my check and how much the dues are going to be?
  2. Pollocknbrown

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    dues are taking out the first paycheck of each month until u quit. Initiation fee is taken out each week until its paid off. Up here is 6 weeks of 25 dollars, dont know it everywhere else.
  3. OldUPSDriver

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    What is your hire date??
  4. hotsplash

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    my hire date was sept 24 they have been taking 19 a week for the last 4 weeks i am part time and dont mind the dues was just wondering how long they are going to be doing it
  5. 639OldTimer

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    You should contact your union steward or your Local Union Business Agent for clarification.
  6. NJsorter

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    The initiation fee up here is $310.00. Once you are done with that, they will go back and take out the money for back union dues since they are only allowed to take out a maximum $20 a week for a part timer. I was wondering why it is that I had to pay them union dues for the months that I was'nt even in the union. The BA told me that this was because NJ is a closed shop state. Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought that in a closed shop, employees are union members from the first day that they start working for the company. Is'nt that the difference between a closed shop and a union shop?
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    Here In Phoenix, We Waive Initiation To All New Members , We Sign Up All We Can And Charge Nothing. In This Piece Of Crap Right To Get Fired State Every One Should Join A Union, Or You Could Give Back About 10.00 An Hour And Go To Fedex. They Take All Ex Upsers And So Does Watse Management.. Tat Is Were All The Fired Ups Managers From Phoenix Work.. Get It ..waste Mangement, Reverse Oxymoron....wow....dues Should Be Either 2 Times Your Hourly Rate Of Pay For The Month Or 2 1/2 Times..... So If You Make 15.00 Your Dues Will Be Either 30 Or 38 A Month.....peanuts... Think About The 5.00 Per Hour To Pension And The 700 To 800 A Month For Health Care For You And The Family...wow....
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    Fyi.... If you happen to quit down the road make sure you ask your steward for a withdrawl card. If you ever decide to go back to UPS down the road you don't have to pay the initiation fee again.
  9. happy harry

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    I don't know if things have changed that much since i was at UPS but that does not sound right. All UPS facilitie's are closed shop, not just NJ. And what is a closed shop state? Basically what that means is every union in nj is closed shop!! I beg to differ. I would keep prying into this. When you get hired after your probationary period (90 days)is up you then belong to a UPS union(teamsters). They then begin to take out the initiation fee which should be broken down into 3 installments. Some unions are different. But for the most part after these payments you then begin to pay your monthly dues. That should be it.
  10. Cementups

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    Our dues here are taken out weekly. They take out 1/4 of the dues per week becuase drivers were complaining of Teamsters taking $70 out of one paycheck. and it was always on the paycheck where you needed the extra money:smart:
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    It really varies by local. Here the initiation is $500 (even for part-timers) and it comes out $25 a week for 20 weeks. On the week that dues are owed, that comes out too.
  12. NJsorter

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    What I meant by N.J being a closed shop state is that UPS in New Jersey is a closed shop. In a union shop, there is an initial waiting period during which new employees are not yet union members(in this case 30 working days.) After this waiting period, employees must join the union and begin paying union fees. In my experience, a closed shop differs from this in that a closed shop does not use non-union employees, for example, a company which hires directly from a union hall. This is why it does not make sense to me that the union will go back and charge union dues for a period of time in which they did not represent the employee. When I asked the B.A about this, I was told that if I were to have a problem with management during the waiting period and asked for help from the union, they would do nothing for me. Yet, they will eventually go back and charge union dues for this waiting period. Sounds screwed up to me!
  13. happy harry

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    No...this should not be. How can they charge you for a service that they were not performing for you over that period of time. I think you should call your local and find out what the deal is? No offense here but i think you are mistaken or your BA gave you false information.Your initiation fee is your fee that brings you into the union. Then your monthly payments are what keeps you employed with all the perks.(pay,raises,benefits,protection,etc) You shouldn't have to keep paying back for month's while you were in training.
  14. Damok

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    There should be a letter from your local, posted in the same place as the other union literature, which explains the dues formula and procedure at your particular location.
  15. hondo

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    Call or email your Local Union's business office, ask for the dues department. Explain you're a new UPSer, and would like a breakdown of the initiation fee and formula for dues rate/payment schedule.
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