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  1. pissedoffupser

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    Does anyone else feel that the union is selling out to UPS? In my center, 95 and 8 hr day grievances don't get paid. Excessive overtime is rampant and our union doesn't do a damn thing about it. I personally have outstanding grievances from 2 years ago that I can't get heard beyond our ass of a center manager. Just thought I would check to see how everyone else feels.:angry::angry::angry:
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    What do they answer at the hall when you take your turn at the microphone?
  3. We want your money........and Hoffa and hall wont stick it .............................................all the way in!
  4. 'Lord Brown's bidding'

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    You know, there's a union forum for this. What's more, this is discussed a lot. Short answer: depends on your local and its board.
  5. Cementups

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    Funny because in our building the labor manager has flat out told the union and the employees to go ahead and keep filing grievances and that they will pay them because the problems aren't going to be fixed. Sounds like easy money to me.
  6. Thats ashame we have to deal with this!.....by the way where in the F is our union??.I guess Fatass Hoffa likes being a caddy for Mr. Davis.................cant we be like the NFL and decertify our union?? The IBT is sticking it to us, worse than the company!
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    You are making $32.00 an hour. Best health care in the country and a pension. What more do you want?
  8. RonBurgandy??????????

    RonBurgandy?????????? God is Great, beer is good , People are crazy.

    I want to be treated like a human and be able to see my family before 8 pm
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  10. PT Car Washer

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    Still working under old contract.
  11. I want the pusillanimous teamsters to grow a pair...........thats what I want.............never ever said a dam word about money! Im sick and tired of the contract being crapped on..............fellow employees getting fired...for non reasons.....and the biggest stick in my rear end. is that fat POS running our union...and turning his deaf ear towards us!...thats my F n problem!.....who is screwing us more?? Not UPS!
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    Yeah me too.
  13. PT Car Washer

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    Me too. Pick and choose your battles. One small victory at a time. Or defeat.
  14. pissedoffupser

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    When I go to the union meetings, all I hear is that the union doesn't recognize numbers, blah, blah, blah. But funny I haven't received a single $1 from my 15 or so 9 5 grievances and only been paid on 2 of the 7 8 hr day grievances that I have put in. My POS center manager comes up with excuse after excuse not to pay them and my wonderful union doesn't do anything about it.
  15. pissedoffupser

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    Funny thing about this new contract, the main issues in our building were the harassment and excessive ot. It seems like that hasn't been addressed at all.
  16. Cementups

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    The latest I punched out this week has been 5:40pm. Am I doing it wrong???
  17. PT Car Washer

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    In my building all the attention has been on the shift of health care coverage from the company plan to the union plan. Everything else has been ignored. Maybe part of the plan.
  18. Ouch

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    Has to be locals are way different in other locations. Ive never had a grievance go unpaid, if in fact it was monetary. Go to your labor board and they could suggest a plan of action. If you dont feel your getting represented then go to the next level. Too many people give up and let it slide, you are paying dues for representation. Make them work for you.
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    ‚ÄčAnybody else feel this thread should be in the Union Issues forum?
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    All the union want is our money, none of them has ever done our job or could do our job!!! Niether side cares about us, UPS has just found out the more they put in the truck, less trucks that they use, will make them more money. The union says,"GO FOR IT BECAUSE WE NEED YOUR MONEY, PERIOD.".