Union? Union meetings? What is a union meeting?

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by solo827, Jan 12, 2011.

  1. solo827

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    :dissapointed:I am writing this because I was just wanting to see if our "so called union" is like everybody else. At my hub in NC, the part-timers have not had a union meeting in almost 3 years and some of the newbies have not even heard of a union meeting! This is pretty sad in my opinion since we all pay our union dues every week. I was told last Feb 2010 that we were going to have a meeting at a restaurant here in town in a few weeks........still waiting LOCAL 391--oops did I....yep its local 391. The part-timers don't even have a union person on the pre-load! I do have to say one good thing....we do however have 2 union reps for the drivers at 9am if we need some help with and issue. We as part-timers have questions! Need some feed back fellow UPSER family!!!!!!!:sad-little:
  2. brownmonster

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    Call the Local and tell them you want to be the part time Union Steward.
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    Call the union hall and ask for a meeting. I have spoken to people in your area before about the issues you are having. I live about an hour and 10 min from you and we have heard of the compliants about this issue. You can get help from the driver steward. Like you have stated. Teamstes web site can give you the info on where your local address and phone numbers are. Go to the contact section. If not call the ITB at 202-624-6800 they can hlep you. Also you have to have someone willing to stand up to be appointed or voted in as a steward. Good luck with your issue. send a private message to me if you have an issue. our local BA talks to your BA's all the time at the panels monthy.
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    Must be different where you're at because here a union meeting is for EVERYBODY, F/T, P/T, packages, feeder, whoever. If you don't like what's goin on step up and tell your chief you wanna be a steward.
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    Solo, if there's no pt steward it's probably because no-one ever expressed any interest. You sound like someone who cares. Ask for that assignment. Start by telling the ft stewards of your interest. They would love to have "ears" on your shift, and they'll put in a good word with the BA.

    Good luck!
  6. tieguy

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    wil he do it, will he step up to the plate? or will he quietly stop posting and dissapear.
  7. CustomerConcern

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    Sad but true...good one Tieguy
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    Thank you steward71. I wrote the number you put up and I will be calling. Some of the comments on here sugest that I stand up and be the steward-----NO NO NO, not me. lol : )
    I would not be a good one at all. I just know that we are supposed to be getting more than what we are getting which is nothing!!!! I just want to THANK YOU again for your input!!
  9. Anonymous 10

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    If not you then who? Someone has to step up and take this job of no pay and lack of appreciation. You are as much of the union as I am. I just decided to get involved because I care.
  10. govols019

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    You complain but you aren't willing to do anything. Typical.
  11. steward71

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    I don't feel they are complaining at all. Some people are not cut out to stand up and take bull sh**. Some of us don't care what happens. Some stand behind a strong voice and the people who stand behind a strong voice are the one's who make it stronger,even if they say nothing. I have been a steward for over 15 years and at times people don't want to stand up, but at least they are making an effort to call and ask questions. To me that is a start. When I came to UPS I did not want any part of the union or steward, but i saw things and things done that were not right so i became one. I did so becasue I do care about the right thing. Again Good Luck with your issue I hope someone is willing to stand up. At least you are honest to say no thank you the job is not for me.
  12. solo827

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    You have no idea what its like at my center so please don't call me typical because YOU DON"T KNOW ME so don't act like you do, please thank you. I am being honest when I say "I would not be a good steward". I just don't have that fight in me. And besides, when your a steward or ur someone that files--u might as well say bye to your job because your on the :censored2: list from that point on!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. CustomerConcern

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    Not sure what list you are reffering to but it sounds like retaliation and that to is wrong. No I don't know YOU, but you are typical of the kind of person who cries an screams about the BS but refuses to file/step up/do something about it. So exactly whats your point in all this then?
  14. S_nner

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    So what exactly does the stewardship entail....? extra meetings? more hours? volunteer? ne thing worth while to the Steward besides being the intermediary in the arguments between union and sups? lol
  15. UnsurePost

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    Your way of thinking about the issue does not make sense. Because you become a steward does not at all indicate you will always desire to be the steward. It is volunteer position. You can always resign if it does not work, or when someone with "more fight" comes along.
  16. hellfire

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    ive seen good and bad stewards over the years,, most come and go,, problem now is the union and upper management both only look out for each other,, if you wanna see your BA just wait till election time
  17. packageguy

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    why would you waste your time asking all these questions and not step up to the plate. make the call and ask your day time steward to help you out we all stick together. good luck