Union VS. Non-Union

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  1. oakcreekteamie

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    My supe and i were having a conversation about how the supe's not being in the union and the hourlys being create a clear division in the 'team'. He agreed that we all should be covered by the Union and if he could he would. It just seems that it creates a two sided coin to a one sided job. Do you guys like the division or do you feel that it is necessary for the job? Just curious. :happy2:
  2. LuvWV

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    I am a union clerk. We have a non union counter clerk in our center. She has worked there almost 10 years and makes just over $11.00 hour. When she had the chance to go union 2 contracts ago she was told if she did they would do away with her job and just divide it between the other 2 union clerks. Ups abuses management and non union employees even more than they abuse union the people. There will always be management, and the divide will all ways exist, it is just business.... Just be glad to have the union. My friend got a .4 cent raise last year as an OMS (a non union job).
  3. tyugar

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    Ever hear of communism? It doesn't work.

    Sounds like your supervisor is having bizzare delusional regrets about accepting his "promotion". Union-management is an oxymoron, union members cannot be the boss of other members! Perhaps a better idea you could suggest to him is doing away with PT-Sups all together and reverting them back to the union as they seem to have no other purpose than to harass, intimidate, fill out pointless paperwork, attempting yet always failing to obtain the grandiose goals set forth by the big cheese. The few down-to-earth supervisors realise they are nothing more than a farce contructed to piss the hell out of all of us so we work faster. I swear that most places in my building would run better if there was no management at all!
  4. tieguy

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    If your friend is an oms then she is management and she got more then 4 cents. Or did you mean to say a 4 percent increase?
  5. sx2700

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    Union members can be the boss of other members. Ever hear of a foreman? Why can't the center managers be foremans instead of supervisors? This could put them on the same page as their subordinates and still be held accountable by the non-union management above them.
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    I'm feelin' a bit stupid but isn't management the reason unions were created in the first place?

    HAPPYDAYS New Member

    If a non union clerk goes union...does not the clerk have the backing of the union to help her retain her job?...If not, I guess I have alot to learn.:confused2: So what do the non- union clerks make?
  8. Fnix

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    We have an old timer in my building who is Union. He always tells us when to do stuff and pretty much acts like a supe except people like him. Our supes cant manage so he has to do it for them.
  9. ikoi62

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    If a non union person in this case a clerk decides to join the union, she wont retain the job because of the lack of seniority she would go to the bottom of the list. the only way i see her keeping the job is if the other clerks turn down the counter job.
    i think he said the non union clerk make a bit over $11 a hour.
  10. scoobypanda

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    yes, at $11/hour 4 percent is 4 1/2 cents. Nice catch.
  11. IDoLessWorkThanMost

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    Hope you're being sarcastic. 11/hr 4 percent is 44 cents.
  12. Service Failure

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    I think the 4%/4 cent issue was about someone's friend that is an oms and not the non-union clerk. I'm pretty sure oms's make more than $11/hr.
  13. drewed

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    yea pt sups and oms make between 14-18 dolllars an hr usually
  14. scoobypanda

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    yes. tie's 4 percent comment makes it sound like that oms hit the lottery.4 cents sucks, 4 percent sucks just a little less.
  15. drewed

    drewed Shankman

    well it sucks exponentially less
  16. soberups

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    What would be nice...is if center-level and lower management had their own white collar union to protect them from Corporate.

    Most sups who treat their hourly employees poorly do so out of fear...fear of failing to meet the impossible and often absurd expectations placed upon them by upper level management. Take that fear away, and they will probably treat their people a lot better and actually be more effective managers.

    UPS is a company that rewards its management for mindless obedience and manipulation of statistics far more than creative thinking and problem solving. Its not what you accomplish that gets you promoted; rather, it is how good you look on paper pretending to accomplish it. Dont take risks; dont draw attention to yourself by daring to think outside of the box; instead, play it safe, manipulate the metrics, and spoon feed your immediate superior whatever statistics he or she finds to be important that week. A union for low-level sups would encourage them to stand up for themselves and their people rather than reacting out of fear.
  17. tieguy

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    Ah scooby 4 percent is 44 cents as less pointed out not 4 cents. OmS's and sups are management and are not paid by the hour. P/Ter are paid for 5.5 hours and earn overtime if they work more. Your numbers don't add up.
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    Union vs non-union, what a conversation starter this is. The context alone automatically stirs up an emotion or two. It's like America Vs China in the olympics, or Cardinals Vs Cubs, or better yet UPS Vs Fed Ex. Which makes my next point. Anyone out there know if there is truely an aggressive campaign against Fed Ex to unionize them. If this were to happen we would all make out like fat cats, including fed ex. Price wouldn't be near the factor it is, and we would kill them on service. Wait a minute, we already kill them on service, it's just some fail to realize it when fed ex walks in and cuts our legs off on price. I know of some accounts where fed ex actually looses money just to take money from us. Those no good such and such and so and so's. LOL Ha ha ha. :wink2:
  19. LuvWV

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    When the math was done it came out to .4 cents an hour. The company says she is the top paid in her job because she has been with the company 24+ years.
  20. drewed

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    shes getting screwed if shes an oms, are you sure shes not a clerk?