United Parcel Service CEO Says US Economy Appears To Have Stabilized

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    United Parcel Service CEO Says US Economy Appears To Have Stabilized - Wall Street Journal

    United Parcel Service Inc. (UPS) Chief Executive Scott Davis said Tuesday that the U.S. economy appears to have stabilized at a "modest growth" rate, adding that package volume could rise late in the fourth quarter if consumer confidence continues to improve.

    He and Chief Financial Officer Kurt Kuehn said the international economy remains "uncertain"--with Asian exports to the U.S. particularly weak--but they also said international trends likely will "firm up" somewhat in the fourth quarter, fueled by new-product launches.
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    Isn't that what happens late in every 4th quarter? I believe its called "Peak" or sometimes "Christmas rush". That Scott guy is right on top of things.
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    When they talk about increases, they almost always refer to year over year. (sometimes year over plan). So when he says a rise in the 4th qtr, he means a rise year over year in the 4th qtr. (vs a rise from current volume levels.
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    Also wouldn't he be talking about the fiscal year which ends in June? That would mean fourth quarter is roughly April, May, June.
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    UPS fiscal year has been changed to Jan - Dec a few years back. Companies get to determine their fiscal year.