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    So I am hired as an unloader/loader as the interview woman mentioned and am about to start some time soon but I am unsure the exact time because once I finished an interview and finished the Tour and Process I had been told to call some woman from the UPS CACH also called Chicago Area Consolidation Hub to schedule an start date and had been told I am ninth in line to start classroom and one on one training and had been curious as to what ninth in line meant. Since there had been nine people on the tour I had received does this mean each person on the tour called to schedule an start date before me and I need to wait until each of these people receive training before I do or what?

    Also I realize I aksed the same before on United Parcel Service Process And Career Path but I had received more than one answer about the Career Path and none about the Process so I am here to hopefully receive an answer and I am about to call them monday but I had been so anxious to know what this meant so I cannot wait almost more nervous since I am unsure what I need to do or when I am to start.
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    Monday is a holiday so I wouldn't bother calling anybody in Human Resources. As far as when you will start, that will depend on how fast a position opens up and how many ahead of you get called first.