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    The Company and Local 2727 met in D.C. on Dec. 15th, along with Top company V.P's. and Teamster Airline President and Lawyer. There were FOUR articles completed (that had been stalemated for years) and more talks scheleduled for January. The tone of the Company has changed from NO NO NO, to "showing a sense of urgency" to complete this agreement. The Union hotline stated that all at once contract talks are moving forward after 3 YEARS of NO, NO, NO.
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    I heard it was the other way...the union finally got serious.
    Tell you what; we all hope they both got serious. :wink2:
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    Apologies on the respost, but there was not a reply from airbusfxr from my original question and I would like to know his opinion on the subject. Thanks.

    --UPS line mechanics make just over $43/hour (minimum $89,440/year)

    --FedEx line mechanics make just over $40/hour (minimum $83,200/year)

    --ABX line mechanics make about $32.70/hour (minimum $68,016/year)

    --US Airways line mechanics make $29.06/hour (minimum $60,444/year)

    What are the material differences in what line mechanics do at each of these airlines? I ask this in all seriousness. Are there material differences between what line mechanics do at these airlines? If so, what are they?

    My understanding of a line mechanic is that they perform maintenance on the aircraft that keep them flying on a daily basis.
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    Well, peak's over in about 3 working days. Let's see if they keep up that "sense of urgency" after that.:surprised:
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    Is your real question, why would UPS line mechanics make more than the other companies? The answer to that is basically that UPS is more profitable than the others and it's employees have a union to negotiate contracts, unions have a tendency to think that a higher profiting company should be sharing the profits with the people that make the company successful.
    I really doubt that the actual work preformed is much different one place than the other.
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    Airline mechanics are one of the professions that I don`t believe in squabbling too much over what they make. Anyone who can keep a plane from falling out of the sky,especially with me on it,deserves a decent paycheck.
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    I'll have to agree with that one. If an auto mechanic doesn't do a good job on my package car then i break down... however if airline mechanic doesn't do a good job the plane crashes killing everyone on board and anyone on the ground. A lot more responsibility, liability, and education is required