Update on my lost quilt

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    A few months back, I posted here because my prize-winning quilt was shipped via UPS Second Day Air on February 16, and it never arrived. In fact, it was never scanned. In spite of an intensive search, no trace of the package was found at UPS, and the shipper is absolutely adamant that they shipped it and they don't have it. Sadly, the quilt is still missing.

    I am not sure if this kind of posting is allowed here, but I did want to make you folks aware that the crafting website Craftsy has posted a blog about the situation, and they're offering a reward for the return of the quilt. The link is here: http://blog.craftsy.com/

    After 6 months, I'm not sure where the quilt could possibly be, but if any of you can help get it home, I'd appreciate it.

    Thank you for all your help. I hope my next post will be good news.

    Janet Atkins