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    no, people think that way all time about bullets, and i thought you were serious
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    In spite of--or perhaps in part due to--the passage of strict gun laws, including a near complete ban on handgun ownership and firearms registration, Canada is seeing an increase in violent crime. Just as happened in Australia and Great Britain....
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    moreluck, just got this one. I should read all the posts from now on...LMAO

    "Guns don't kill people. Husbands who come home early kill people."
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    Hey T-Dawg---from one "Dawg" to another--please don't include me in any comparisons with Susie.

    Regarding "Your" personal thread that you have going here, which you appear to want to control---have fun with it----it's done anyway--and it appears you want to beat it to death!

    Last comment-----keep however many guns you need to protect yourself and your family at home and don't bring your guns to work!
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    You said "Per capita brits and canucks have 2X the assaults" This is a lie. The real figures are Canada 7.11 per 1000. UK 7.45/1000 USA 7.56/1000.

    You said:"Per capita Canada and Great Briton had 2X the numbers of rapes than the USA" This is another lie UK .14/1000 USA .30/1000.

    What's the saying? Figures lie & liars figure?

    Do you support Darren "therodog" and his ''?

    Boy Susie, you are sure one angry person. But before you call someone a liar, it might behoove you to check inward first.

    First off, I am still waiting on the apology for the racial remarks you stated were made tongue and cheek. Liberals like you claim when they state something racial that it was meant as a joke, but let any one else make any type of statement that might seem racial, you are the first and loudest to claim you are offended.

    Let me state for the record, I am offended by your racist remark, and I dont give a flip that you were trying to make a funny.

    As to the post I made, a really good reason to proof read what you post. And from the notes I took from the site, maybe another reason why UPS went to the diad instead of trying to read my scribbles.

    The per capita rapes should have read Rape VICTIMS for which the stats are UK at .9, Canada at .8 and USA at a .4 As you can see, it is 2X the rate of the USA as I posted. Funny though, Canada does have more than 2X the rapes at the .73, but then you chose to call me a liar anyway? Why didnt you post the numbers for Canada when you posted the others, too chicken?

    As for the assaults, I posted one line and the stats for the next line which was Rape Victims. A quick review of the post would have caught that misposting, but when one is trying to compile a MSDS book for my business, help my daughter with her homework, and help out a customer on the phone all while trying to concentrate on this post.

    Here are the stats

    Crime UK Can USA

    Rape .14 .73 .30
    Burglary 13.83 8.94 7.09
    Rape Victims .9 .8 .4
    Car thefts 5.6 4.88 3.87
    Robbery victim 1.2 .9 .6
    Total Victims 26% 24% 21%

    IT would seem from these numbers that your dream world of no legal guns in the hands of lawful citizens has shown that it really works in real life, huh?

    As far as the support you ask that I give or not to the thero or whatever his avatar showed, I chose to ignore stupidity. HE has the right to free speech, but he does not have the right to be heard. And usually someone that has to surround him/her self with guns in that type of pose seems to have self worth issues to begin with. But I find it interesting that someone of the super offended nature like yourself does not understand that people advocating black power, white power, Asian dominance, what ever the dividing faction are all racist, equally. I have no use for any of them.

    As for your political views, they do tell a lot about you and your posts. You have the God given right to believe any thing you want, no matter how wrong or stupid (not necessarily meaning you personally) it might be, and I and millions of other Americans have/will lay down our lives to give you that right. But we will also fight you tooth and nail if you try to take away any of our rights. BTW, you seem to have a real preoccupation with the views on all the far fringes. I guess you realize that is where you would find the freaks and such with their view.

    As far as Canada and the UK, if their system is that much better than ours in your opinion, they are allowing in thousands of newcomers each year. Personally, I think our system works pretty good the way it is.

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    YO, AIR UPSER, the original post was NOT about carrying guns into UP$ facility, and not dumb either. Its about storing your legal firearm LOCKED in your trunk. People are getting fired for it, and there will be a new federal law that say you can store it, no matter what UP$ says or any other company. It IS a bad idea to bring it everyday, no reason for that. If your at the range, and running late, there is no reason a law abiding citizen cant store it in his/her car. Just dont say anything that its there, etc. A lot of these "anti-gun" corporations are getting BAD publicity about this, and just pointing out UP$ would have some problems.}
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    Susie? you there? i know your spying on us..
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    We also prohibit the unauthorized possession and/or
    use of weapons by any employee or UPS representative while at work, on
    company property, or while on company business.

    This from the, "Code Of Business Conduct..." for UPS. Can we or can we not carry our firearm as a UPS driver? I have a Conceal/Carry Permit.
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    Is the key in the word, "...unauthorized...". Mine is authorized.
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    I would bring your gun to work, show it to your DM, and ask him if it's OK to carry at work.
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    Ha ha --we all know what the answer to that would be. I would go with "don't ask don't tell". Make sure it is concealed and secured so it don't fall out on the sort tabl or in front of a customer. There are many holsters that will do that. Also don't try to be like Clint Eastwood and pack a 44 magnum.
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    You can do what ever you want. You can only get in trouble if you get caught.