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    right on, the person does it not the gun
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    Same could be said for M47 DRAGON anti-tank guided missles and H Bombs.

    So while the simple minded gun nut uses the often quoted "people kill people, guns don't", that should really be an argument for NOT allowing most to have access to military grade weapons and similar categories.

    I suggest the respective gun companies come out with some great authentic non-functional "look alikes" and they can market them like the Bradford exchange For the boys that want to "collect" real man weapons.
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    ok2be ... it was a joke, a play on words of the old you have to analyze everything so intensely?
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    Yours was a joke more luck and I don't know why you would think my statement was meant for you, you are not a gun nut or even male, but sorry, that wasn't aimed at you at all.

    In fact, not at anyone directly here, just making a point as I have heard that stupid saying used after most killings.

    It is especially poignant after reading about another toddler yesterday that accidently blew his playmate away with a gun carelessly left accessible to a three year old.

    Like I have said, I am certainly not against gun ownership, but I taught my children that they were not playthings at a very early age, gun safety as they came of age and always, always the guns are secured from curious and idle hands.

    Tradgedy or not, I am all for throwing the book at idiots that carelessly leave their "right to bear arms" lying under the bed, loose in a closet or hidden in a shoe box for some youngster to explore death with.

    I am sorry, but the NRA and too much of the population puts too much effort into the right to bear arms and not enough into the responsibility that should come with that.

    It flat out pisses me off and I do consider it a very serious topic.
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    Susie----how many would you consider a Hoard? Even 1 gun in the wrong hands or not stored safely can be dangerous. I think the responsibility is on the gun owner , but the criminals in this country are much better equipped than our police force.......something is definitely wrong with that.I spend a lot of time on a houseboat ,usually in a remote part of a lake--I have a firearm on my boat to protect me from invaders--that could be a person or a bear.As I have mentioned in a previous post--there are a lot of home invasion robberies that have been on the news in N. Calif---the most recent one showed the person breaking into the home was wearing a buletproof vest and was shot by the homeowner----and the person wearing the vest ran away from the scene.So you have criminals wearing kevlar vests raping and pilaging and the normal citizen is supposed to not have a gun and----turn the other cheek??
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    There are people that shouldn't be allowed to have guns. There are people who shouldn't have kids. There are people who shouldn't have a driver's license. But we live in a free country and liberty is an important part of America. How do we regulate without impacting a person's liberty?
    I think it's common sense to give a driver's test to people over 85. Not be fair you have to give EVERYONE a test, which makes it impossible (Florida). Not really related.

    Anyway (in my opinion), not everyone should be allowed to own guns. People don't need to own stuff like bullets specifically made to penetrade body armor.

    The other thing is, guns make headlines. A 3 year hold getting killed by a gun by a 5 year old makes national headlines. A 3 year old getting killed by a 5 year old when they were sharing poison(household chemical) they thought was candy, doesn't. Yet, in both cases the parents are negligent, and I bet more kids get killed accidently without guns than with. It's just guns make a better news story.
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    You are absolutely right. More kids get killed in swimming pools than with guns. That really has nothing to do with a debate on firearm ownership, and more importantly, the right to carry them onto company property. That was the original point of Darren 'therodog's' thread.


    What you I consider a hoard? I dont know. How many assault rifles do you think an individual should have? One, two, twenty, a hundred?
    From the 60 minutes article I linked way back:
    What was Krasniqi's largest shipment of .50-caliber rifles to Kosovo? "One was on an airplane that he filled up with weapons," says Sullivan. "And I think there were about a hundred guns in there, 100 .50-caliber rifles.

    Thats a hoard, I would suppose. I really dont care how many guns people own, just make bullets illegal, or like Chris Rock(?) who said, just make bullets $5000, then youd really have to want to shoot somebody!
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    Susie- I was just adding my opinion to the last page of posts. The original post is pretty dumb. There is no reason to carry firearms into a UPS facility. Of course, everything is in context.....a little town in tennessee where everyone hunts is different than Los Angeles. A pickup with a shotgun in the window would get a wave in TN. In LA, you'd have a SWAT team pulling you over.
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    susie, you don't control the thread conversation, nor decide if a mentioned issue is pertinent to the discussion any more than the rest of us.

    I would differ on the validity of domestic violence, both accidental and with intent on the gun ownership debate.

    In the largest town near me there are certainly far more guns than pools and I would put money on the stats go to gun injuries and deaths regarding adolescents over pools locally.

    So while the pool probably takes more children's lives than guns nationwide I don't know that for a fact and I would be interested in any stats you have to back it or if that is just an assumption on your part.
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    OMG, this thread is out of control. It was about storing your firearm in your car, on company parking lot, which is completely harmless. It has to be locked in your trunk too by MA law, even if you have a class A-HC, not bringing it into work.
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    The CDC provides data for accidental children deaths. Drowning ranks second in the 1-10 age group.
    Death by firearms isn't in the top 20. Interestingly enough, more children drown in buckets than pools, so it would make little difference that your area has more guns than pools. It probably has more buckets than guns, as well.

    The only reason I even chimed in on this thread is that I found it strange that no one objected to therodogs neo-Nazi avatar. I find it disquieting that someone who is at least an admirer of that vein of thought was upset they couldnt bring firearms onto company property, and was suggesting a boycott of UPS because of it.
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    I feel there is a lack of knowledge here. For the record, military full auto firearms and Destructive Devices are fully legal to own in most states. DD's are any firearm above .50 cal including bombs of any size, rocket launchers, cannons, mortars, etc. In fact you can build a DD yourself by filing a ATFE form 1 plus send the $200 tax to the government and have a background check done. Over 6 million machine guns and DD's are registered in the USA. The law has been on the books since 1934 (Volkmer Act). In that time frame not one of these registered guns has been used in a crime by the owner. Now why are people scared of these guns which have a perfect track record? Even the illegal machine guns and DDs are used in the smallest % of crimes. Much smaller than hunting rifles/ shotguns. So why do people think these guns should not be owned by law abiding citizens? Any hunting rifle cartridge will rip through body armor. Most hunting rifles are just sniper rifles. I just don't see why we should get rid of the guns that don't kill people in the USA and keep the ones that do.

    On the issue of UPS and guns....Why does UPS not allow guns to be shipped anymore? WE are losing a ton of money on this. And those people who ship guns, ship lots of other stuff who won't now. Fed-Ex is jumping for joy on this, they don't have these restrictions. The only reason I have heard for this is that UPS does not trust its own employees not to steal them. Thanks Atlanta! We don't trust you either.

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    UPS policy on the board in my center states you cannot have weapons on the property period, including in the vehicle you drive to work.

    The policy was posted about a year or so ago and brought about some conversations about what about Fridays near deer season, etc when the guys bring their cars, trucks, etc packed for the trip up north.

    No incidences have occurred and no drivers have been challenged or disciplined on this so it has sunk into the insignificance, but it is still posted.

    I'm not so sure susie, in the north end most don't have a pail to piss in, but they have their guns.

    Drugs and poverty do degrading things to a society.
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    Tranham, UPS can and does ship guns every day. Handguns must go air, shotguns and rifles can go ground. The can not have any ammo in the box, and must be shipped from or to a licenced gun dealer. The must be shipped adult signature required. This policy has been the same for many years. Most of our policies are in place to comply with federal laws.
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    Susie---I actually appreciated yor comment regarding guns-----maybe the bullets should be so expensive that you would have to really be serious to fire the gun---this might work---except at that time only the rich would be able to go around shooting people???

    As far as UPS allowing guns into the building--absolutely not----but I do remember an audit that was conducted a few years ago---we had some federal( I think they were FBI) people who demanded to audit a drivers load from a Military Base to verify what was shipped-----it was funny watching as each one of the people set off the metal detector coming into the building with their guns in their shoulder holsters!!

    I also remember delivering a large package to a lawnmower repair store and watching the owner open up the package that he had no knowledge of---it was full of guns and rifles----his old hunting buddy died and left them to him in his will and someone just went and put them into a box and shipped them through UPS---and it was from a UPS customer counter----I'm sure that the customer told our CC Clerk that it was just some lawnmower parts!!
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    Whether they allow it or not,how are they going to know you,me or anyone else has a gun in their car? What they don't know, don't tell them.
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    Four large corporations have started "voluntary or else!" car searches of their employees. People have got fired when a gun is found. (Lets face it, they mentioned they were going shooting after work, and a rat turned them in).

    These policies now exist at America Online, Weyerhaeuser, Haliburton, and ConocoPhillips.
    BOYCOTT THESE COMPANIES as they are trying to rewrite the Constitution.

    12 were fired from Weyerhaeuser and 3 from AOL, all for keeping firearms LEGALLY in their cars.
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    "maybe the bullets should be so expensive that you would have to really be serious to fire the gun---this might work---except at that time only the rich would be able to go around shooting people??? "

    ill make a lot of money being a reloader then. Thats pretty stupid idea suzi and dawg, maybe we should charge 20.00 a gallon for gas for your car?
    you guys still dont know the original meaning of my first post, so please dont post anymore on this thread. Please email people directly if you continue to embarrass yourselves.
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    It was a joke, Chris Rock and all, get it?

    It's your ideology that frightens me.

    I'm out of this thread.