UPS and Pregnancy Discrimination

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    UPS and Pregnancy Discrimination - American Civil Liberties Union

    The American Civil Liberties Union and the New York Civil Liberties Union have filed a federal complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission today against the United Parcel Service (UPS) for unfairly forcing a pregnant driver, Julie Mayer, to take unpaid leave, refusing to accommodate her with light-duty work and forcing her to lose her health insurance just before the birth of her child.

    The company has a policy of granting accommodations to other workers who are temporarily unable to perform all aspects of their job. This includes workers who are injured on the job, those covered by the Americans with Disabilities Act, and those whose driver’s licenses are revoked due to drunk driving infractions.
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    Now UPS has really done it-----went and got the women :censored2: off.
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    Pregnant women on top of it.
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    Usually there's her side, the companies side and the truth is somewhere in the middle.
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    Maybe if she had said she got pregnant while on the job?

    Seriously, UPS sucks for forcing this issue that led to her losing her insurance right before the birth of her child.
    Makes you proud to be an employee, doesn't it?
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    Not really been there done that... There is only one story here...There is no way you can twist it. Certain people get light duty here if you know what I mean..she is from this local and I know her very well.
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    Kudos to this woman (Julie Mayer) for standing up to UPS through various legal channels (ACLU, NYCLU, etc.). In my 34+ years of observations at UPS, I have seen many forms of injustice, unfairness, etc.. This is just one more example of how UPS in my mind defines the word "HYPOCRISY". Simply refer to the "UPS Policy" book (quotes below) itself and you will see what I mean.

    This should be an easy case for for the ACLU and Julie Mayer to win. The real questions is, "Why is the management team of OUR company spending time and money on battling such a publicly disgraceful and morally wrong act?" In my mind and experience, it is because of the deep pockets and arrogance of select UPS management. Throughout my years, I have seen the best and worst of management teams. It seems that OUR company is now at the peak of a .... "US against THEM" attitude. NEVER before have I seen such widespread forms of harassment, micro-management, and tension between hourly and management.

    We can all help Julie win this case by offering ourselves in testimony to any act in which we observed UPS "selectively" providing "light duty" work for "certain" employees. I've been through 7 of the 10 CEO's at UPS. Throughout that time, UPS has many times provided Temporary Alternate Work (TAW) to a variety of employees. As already mentioned, DUI's have also been assigned to inside lighter duty (porter... car wash.. etc.) jobs.

    We Build Our Organization Around People.
    Our most valuable resource is loyal and capable people. The strength of
    our company is our people, working together with a common purpose.
    All of our people, through the jobs they perform, make important
    contributions to our company.

    We Value Health, Wellness, and Safety.
    The health, wellness, and safety of our people and the public are
    of utmost importance to us. We train our people to avoid injury to
    themselves and others in all aspects of their work. We do not tolerate
    unsafe work practices.
    We give recognition to employees for health, wellness, and safety
    accomplishments. We provide programs that help promote the health and
    wellness of employees and their families, and the safety of our operations
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    Cool, answer me a couple of questions.

    Has she had the baby yet?

    Was she able to jump on her husbands insurance to cover childbirth costs?

    If not, does she need money?

    I hate that the company I work for will go out of their way to accommodate a GD drunk driver, but will throw a pregnant woman to the curb.
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    She has been out of work since April per the doctors restriction of no more than 25lbs(unpaid leave). The baby was born in December. When she told her boss about the pregnancy, he asked her if she expected special treatment from them. She wanted to work but they said they have no other work for her. I am not too sure about the husbands insurance at his job, If I hear anything about it, I will post it here. She has not worked in 10 months and lives in Long Island. I would say she is financially burried.
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    Question: Do you happen to know if Julie took advantage of COBRA benefits? How about unemployment benefits? Hopefully she and the baby are doing well. I still cannot believe that UPS decided to let this go public by not allowing Julie TAW......