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  1. downunderwunder

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    Hi from downunder

    Whats the story on UPS consolidating its UPS SCS unit with UPS. E.G. the package boys are taking over UPS SCS by January 1 globally. Will this mean additional management lay offs worldwide? I think this consolidation is whats needed as the unit is poorly run globally mainly due to inexperienced management most of whom were from Fritz

    They should have kept many of the experienced Menlo people instead of skillfully moving them off the payroll

    All comments welcome

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  2. helenofcalifornia

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    OK Alan, I am an idiot. What is SCS and all the other acronymns? Who is laying off who?
  3. downunderwunder

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    SCS = Supply Chain Solutions
  4. downunderwunder

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    supply chain solutions
  5. downunderwunder

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    Essentially is UPS is taking control of UPS Supply Chain Solutions Globally by January 01 so i have heard why would you need the two existing management teams to run what would now be one company
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    SCS TSG is going to Brown as of January 1 for sure. As for the rest of the business units internationally ... All of the Americas will be managed as one unit via SCS and EMEA / APAC will be integrated into Brown. Dont know how this will affect ops as Im IT and hear whats going on from that side of the fence.
  7. hoser

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    SCS bloated? Certainly.
    Poorly run? Give that a second thought.