UPS announces 12,000 job cuts, says package volume slipped last quarter

Has any buildings been affected yet by this 12,000 management employee layoffs? So far nobody in our building, wondering if these “layoffs” were just from the building closures and consolidations and announced as layoffs to appease shareholders.
yes, they just have a headcount reduction number in mind, how they get to it is irrelevant

if a sup got hit by a bus, guess who was added to the 12k list


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How many suit monkeys retire every year? Maybe many of these "12,000" will simply be jobs not replaced?


Its true. 2 of my supervisor got let go. Their last day is April 30. One said he re applying and gonna stay non management and gonna write up everybody. Last Thursday 16 pt supervisors and 4 training supervisor got let go. Leaving the building at night supervisors walking together inside the building was :censored2:ting bricks cause the twilight supervisors was spreading the world at Lonestar hub in Arlington tx


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Breaking news. Big Carol on the job cuts!



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UPS inks a air cargo contract with the USPS. Details are limited at this time, but full planes has to be good at some level

They might have under cut Fed ex to get the amUSPS account.

United Parcel Service (UPS.N), opens new tab will become the United States Postal Service's (USPS) primary air cargo provider, the company said on Monday, as rival FedEx (FDX.N), opens new tab announced an end to its more than 20-year partnership with the postal service provider.