UPS Annual Report 2007

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  1. island1fox

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    Question: Senior Operations Management--page 12 ---I will only use initials ----It appears that three Region Manager level are missing --Where is W.H.---A.P. ---and S. F. ? If anyone knows whether these three people are still Region Manager Level or not --Please respond. Use initials or private message only. Thank you.:sad-little:
  2. pretzel_man

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    W.H. and A.P. both have corporate assignments. Strategy I think. A.P. was just announced.

    Not sure about S.F.

  3. helenofcalifornia

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    OK, where did you get a copy of the 2007 UPS annual report and I can't believe you read the whole thing!!! Anything interesting in it besides the MIA managers? How much money did we make? What are our weak points and the strong points? What are we planning on doing in the future? Buy DHL? I'm serious, enlighten us.
  4. island1fox

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    As a UPS shareowner you should have received a copy of this very detailed report with your proxy statement ---on how you want to vote your shares for the UPS board of director's. I agree with you in one sense that there is so much more in this detailed report than MIA region manager level people. But also know that much more than our BOD OR CEO ---- These operation senior management people --- control very much what will happen to our investment in the future. UPS has recently made some very drastic reductions in the number of regions ----now with moving the remainder region manager 's around ---lets hope they have the right players in the right positions. In other words in baseball you would not expect to see the MVP A-ROD ----batting ninth or sitting on the "special assignment " bench.
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    Got my proxy ballot vote, did not receive the annual report. I am assuming that that big ol' thing would not be thrown out with the junk mail, so maybe it is still in route. I enjoy reading that kind of stuff, though alot of it is not understandable to the layman.
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    Just curious, why are you using the initials of the managers, what's the secret? Aren't we a public company?
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    I think the reason for the initials is that this forum discourages the use of full names--someone please correct me if I am wrong but I know in past threads the names of people mentioned in the threads have been either altered or deleted. Was it the old TV show Dragnet that had the line "the names have been changed to protect the innocent?" Helen, are you the TV/movie person or is that moreluck?
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    As far as names go, if they are on the Board of Directors or on a UPS Press Release, then I think (in my personal opinion) the names are fair game. What we discourage are names from the operational level in the company like below District Level Management and hourly workers. A few times I have read negative things posted on here about people that turned out to be rumors and not true. So that is why we remove names like that.
  9. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Good policy.
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    Helen is not the TV/movie person. I have a hard time remembering what I was watching 1/2 hour ago let alone quote something out of a movie or TV show to someone else. Hey, but ask me a zip code in California or in the US and I can give you a run for your money. (Small sort for four years in a hub.)
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    I, also received my proxy vote, but no annual report. I do like to scan through and see "what's up".