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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by Creeper head, Feb 24, 2010.

  1. Creeper head

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    How does ups assign a fleet to a mechanic? What happens when a mechanic is so backed-up he cant get caught up? They say there is no overtime in the Ups automotive dept, how do they expect to get work done when there is not enough help in the building? Is corp going to look at the number of cars per mechanic and the area which the fleet is located at? What do you think is going to happen to the outside service that take ups to the cleaners on repairs, do they even follow up on there bills and all the repairs they do on the trucks? Just wanted some inside of what the ups auto dept is going to be like after April 5.
  2. scratch

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    I'm in a small Hub. I know one mechanic that is assigned to 27 tractors. We have a package car mechanic that has been out on disability for almost a year, so repairs on package cars are backed up because the other mechanics can't go over eight hours. That never made any sense to me, since a feeder driver can get 20 hours of OT.
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    Ya and mechanics have to buy there tools. Some drivers make about 35-40 K a year more then mechanics. I dont understand it. They keep on making changes to the service on these cars,seems like they cant make up there mind. I wonder when they will get a mechanic up in corp that will make changes to the + side not the - side. Seems like everyone on the top just wants to cut, I think the people on the top should go out and visit the buildings instead of looking at the numbers, I bet they dont even know how many mechanics they have in each building. They tend to over work the good mechanics till they burn them out. Its a 30yr career these people have to put in before they can retire. We will see how things will change in the coming months.
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    what's the problem? work as directed and let s*** back up,
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    In our building we have about 48 package cars and a couple tractors that are maintained by two mechanics. These two guys are just tops. They keep every car running. They know their business. I've seen every kind of mechanic in my time, but these two guys are real professionals. When I get on that Interstate in the morning and mash that fuel pedel, I have the highest confidence in my truck, because of the guy working on it. It's great to have a guy who writes, "repaired" a lot more times than he writes, "scheduled".
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    Our mechanic is the best. You have a problem and it is fixed by the next morning. It did take him some time to straighten out he mess the previous mech left for him. These people don't always get enough credit for keeping our business moving but they should.
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    our shop is a joke... they would rather off load a trailer then put brake pads on it.. (they don't even stock them)
  8. over9five

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    I didn't know how stressful it was to be a UPS mechanic till recently. Some of you remember my friend MechanicForBrown. He is no longer with the company, but he's told me some stuff...
  9. Creeper head

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    Wow, did he leave on his own or was he helped out? Does he still come on here and cks out his email?
    Ups is does get some winners in some shops, they think its a county job and they dont have to do much, but sometimes you also get some supervisors that think they are going to rework the dept and treat everyone just like a number, sometimes that bites them in the a_s.
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    So do you expect the Supervisor to stand next to you and tell you what a great job you are doing? You are paid very well to maintain a simplistic fleet of package cars, tractors and occasionally a trailer or two. You really are a number. You have an employee number and your paychecks reflect such. I expect nothing more from my mechanics than I would do myself and I did more than most of the mechanics I worked with before I became a Supervisor.
  11. upsgrunt

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    Did you put humbleness and humility as your 2 finest traits on your supe application?
  12. p228

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    Did you sleep through Hub School? Giving positive feedback to employees is not just something UPS teaches, you will hear it in any college management class and there is a reason for it. It takes about five seconds to tell an employee "Nice job today." Saying something that simple can make the employee feel he is doing a good job and the work work he is doing is appreciated.

    As for saying "You really are a number," I truly hope you never say anything that stupid to your employees. It is serves no useful purpose to think like that about your employees. Numerous studies have shown there is a connection between job satisfaction and performance which in turn helps to reduce absenteeism, lateness, turnover, and perceived stress. Treating your employees like machines doesn't help them, you, or the company. Treating your employees like people helps not only them but you as well.

    I suggest you take a class in Management or Organizational Behavior.
  13. Creeper head

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    typical supervisor response, always was the best mechanic when he was on the floor, I have only seen a few real mechanics that have gone up to supervisors and knew what they were doing on the floor. Most are some gas stations mechanics that all they did was replace light bulbs and tires.
    It takes a lot to be a good supervisor and know how to treat your employees fair, they are your army on the ground. Remember where you came from, I have seen some supervisors who come into a shop and think that every mechanic is screwing them, that's not good. Ups is the only place i have seen that hires you to fire you. They will tell you how screwed up you are,but never a thank you, you are doing a good job, a pant on your back, but they will stub you in the back.
  14. upssup

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    8 year aircraft mechanic and manager of a 20 man repair facility in the USAF. I have had all of the Management and Supervisor training availible. I have mechanics that work for me that should not be mechanics and I have done pretty good to get them to the point that they are pretty good mechanics or they were replaced. I always had an issue with the union in the fact that all it did where I work is keep the turds afloat with the good mechanics and all was determined by the number (seniority). I have seen the same here with drivers as well. Hire you to fire you? where did you pull that one from. Obviously you are not the best mechanic, as i have never heard that one. Maybe you have where you are. i have the utmost respect for the mechanics that do the job they are paid to do to the best of their ability. I am sorry if I do not tolerate slacking. You guys are paid 30.00 an hour to fix package cars, tracors or trailers. Give me thirty an hour worth and i will thank you every time.
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    Can one naturally assume that your boss says this to you too?:confused2:
  16. upssup

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    I do 50 to 60 a week and never complain. I come in, or go visit my extended centers, do my job and go home. It is that simple. my boss doesn't have to say a word.
  17. Creeper head

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    You mean you have never heard that before? I heard that when i first started working for ups some 20 years ago, the reason everyone says that (well in the area i work at) is because they just try to find things that you do wrong and jump right on it to write you up, So CYA. I have had a good career at ups, I am proud to work here, just sometimes you get these sups that were those that should not have been mechanics and try ride you ass for no reason those are the sups i dont like, I have over 28 years exp in the automotive field and I do earn my 30 a hour the things that get me is i have so much work and they dont let us work ot, but the drivers can get all the ot they wish, Let me tell you I am not the type that will just go there and suck it up, I have a fleet of over 50 trucks and just me. That does tend to get old when you here of other mechanics in the big shops with 30 cars. But just putting in my years so when time does come and i can retire i will enjoy a good income. (I like your quote--Obviously you are not the best mechanic- THERE ARE BETTER MECHANICS THEN ME I AM SURE OF THAT, I will never claim i am the best mechanic, that is just not me, there are always better people in what you do, just like there are better sups then you. That is just life......
  18. upssup

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    I had never heard that phrase until this. It is hard enough to find good people, let alone good mechanics just to fire them. I would never do that. If it is justified it usually shows in preseniority so that is typically when they go away if they are not worthy. I have only fired two mechanics and both were more than justified. I do not want to do it, in fact I try to avoid it if at all possible. if you come in, do your job and go home it is all I ask of my mechanics. Do that and we would get along great!
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    hey,thats my old boss ***********!
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    Like somebody said earlier red tag it if you don't get to it. Once you have enough cars outback they will let you get overtime. If you have 50 cars and for the most part they are all running of course they are not going to let you stay OT because they know you can get it done in 8. I say knock it back a gear and start parking cars. Or move hear to right coast and you can stay as long as you want we never have a OT problem hear.......