UPS break-ins a problem for employees

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    Did the suits from M* get moved to Jackson under the package transformation?

    UPS break-ins a problem for employees

    Posted: Mar 26, 2010 4:31 PM EDT
    Updated: Mar 26, 2010 10:27 PM EDT
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    UPS break-ins a problem for employees


    JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - Employees at United Parcel Service, on McDowell Road in south Jackson are complaining about their personal vehicles being broken into on a company parking lot.

    Jackson Police spokesman Joseph Daughterly said there "Have been 15 break ins reported in the past two weeks."

    UPS told WLBT News, in a nice way, we had to leave the property and there was no spokesman available to talk to us.

    Police are baffled because there is security on duty 24 hours a day and there is only one way in and one way out of the parking lot.

    No drivers, who park their cars in this lot on McDowell Road would talk to us on camera, but off camera we were told it is a serious problem. It is so serious one driver had his car broken into in the parking lot and then later in front of his south Jackson home.

    Eighteen wheeler drivers for ups leave their personal cars on property owned by the company, while they are away driving the trucks.
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    gag order lol
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    Just what I was thinking.
    804, would you have talked on camera? I would have, off the clock and company property.
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    one of my friends asked: dont yall have guards at ups? I said yea, his car got broke into also.......
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    Our center doesn't even have a fence around the property, much less security guards. There is always a lot of company traffic off and on though out the day, but a good thief wouldn't have to worry too much about getting caught.
    One of the drivers had a corvette stolen out of the parking lot. Although there was speculation that it was repo'ed.
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    We have no fence around the employee lot and no security either. Several cars have been broken into; one set on fire. Members of management park inside the fence on the yard so I don't think any of their vehicles have been broken into.
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    Maybe someone should take a closer look at the security guards.
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    I have the best anti theft system, I work at UPS. This way they know I have nothing of value to steal from my car. Are they going to take my Zune with the broken screen or my New Balances from 3 years ago? There's also 83 cents in a cup holder with a pop tab.
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    Would have been my pleasure!
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    Be careful--you wouldn't want to wake them.:wink2:
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    why is it if you leave something outside someone will take it, but if you post a sign saying "free" nobody touches it ?