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    Im 23 and not to far off 24 years old. My main point of this is to get advice on what I should do and just some info on being a handler then getting to the driver position. I worked as a driver helper in 2010 and it honestly was really fun to me, yes I was sore from all the stops but I enjoyed it. I felt like I contributing a lot cuz I took all the packages to the door while the driver went in the back of the truck and sorted out the next stops. The hours were really cool to I would get picked up around 11 and get off at like 7ish. The driver was a really badass lady who basically talked me up about the job and how shes rolling in $$$$ and talked about all her vacation, benefits and her retirement plan. I think she told me it is 25years and out? She said she was sore a lot and had to have a ice bath nightly for her knees. She also said she worked in the hub as a package handler for only 3 years and has been driving ever since. So ever since this experience as a driver helper I have always had ups on my mind as a potential career path. A year and a half ago I got a basic associates degree from a county college. This semester I went to a university to try and get a bachelors in environmental science. Well that didn't really work out and I dropped my classes cuz I jus felt somewhat miserable and it just wasn't for me. The university really has nothing else im interested in so im about to move back home with my mom in a month. Im at a point in my life where I don't know what im doing and I honestly have never felt so free in my life. I jus want to travel the world with no direction and just see where life takes me. I know I need to make a decision on what the hell im gona do as a career tho so im not a pizza delivery driver the rest of my life..... I jus want to know some info on the UPS package car Driver position. How many years does it take on average to be a driver? Would it take longer at a larger hub? Or would it take a shorter time at a larger hub? Is it normal for there to be drivers who actually get off by 5pm? If so would it be the drivers with the most sonority or the newbies who don't get as many hours? Do drivers get to spend time with their families and see their kids grow up or is all about work? Is it true that its almost certain for a retired driver to have knee, back or shoulder problems? I know the $$$$ is good but is it worth it in the long run??? So im basically thinking of getting a job as a handler and maybe starting my career with ups. I know its hard work being a handler and could take a long time to be a driver, but I know I can do anything with a positive attitude. Is it a good choice? I guess it wouldn't be my first choice as a career but honestly I feel like I would absolutely thrive as a driver. oh and do drivers have to take the hour lunch? or can u jus work thru it to get off earlier?

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    You forgot socks.
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    Just a helpful hint from an older person...use paragraphs. People (like me) have a hard time trying to filter out something that looks like what you wrote. Our brains automatically see that it's going to be a difficult read and a large portion of folks check out quickly.

    Try to reorganize your thoughts, if you can. Ask simple questions and to the point. I'm telling you this to be helpful. Otherwise you're not going to get the answers you would like. Many of us were new at one point and made many of the same mistakes you are making.

    BC members see many of the same posts/questions over and over and it's tiring to them, so make it easy for them.
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    you ain't look at that the OP's word jumble and my eyes bleed lol. To the OP....if you want to join the oh so wonderful world of ups...apply as a package handler. You'll love's a lot like camp! I look forward to it all weekend long, and can't wait to get to work each morning! How long it would take you to become a driver? Depends...on which hub you're working at. HR might tell you a year to 18 months...which is usually bs. Most guys in my building waited more than 5 years....I personally have been waiting for 7 yrs....and I'm still having a ball!'s friday....where the hell is my welcoming committee paycheck?? lmao
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    When I see a wall of text I refuse to read it. It makes my brain hurt!
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    There's a lot of questions there but I'll try to answer a handful.

    Is it a good career and worth it? Yes. Most especially if you feel college isn't for you. Drivers make between $75-$100K a year (after reaching top rate in 3 years, although going forward will now be 4 years in new contract) not counting full healthcare and pension. It's really hard to make a good living anymore without at least a bachelor's degree. And even many graduates can't find jobs these days.

    How long does it take? On average, it's about 2-6 years working part time before your chance comes up. If you can do that, try to find a decent day job in the meantime and just stick it out.

    Getting out at 5:00? Um, no. For one thing, the day (I believe in most centers) begins at 9:00. So just to get your 8 hours in takes you 'til 6:00. And yes, a lunch hour is required. They won't pay you if you work it. Most days you'll get overtime - maybe an hour or so. Big money there.

    Hope that helps a bit.
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    You need to post what building you want to work out of to get an answer about wait times. In my building, it takes five years before a part time employee gets a chance at driving. Nobody gets off by five o'clock, most of our drivers get back to the building 7-7:30, factoring my drive home I am lucky to reach my house by 8 PM Monday-Friday. Hope you are in good shape, its difficult on your body. A talent for ignoring harassment and stupidity helps a lot too.
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    What do you mean the week is over? Aren't you coming in tomorrow for Sat Air? $24.74 an hour unless you already have 40 hours in then it is all OT. Doing pick ups tomorrow so about 9 hours. Vacation next week.
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    haha thanks yea I guess I should of used paragraphs.... sry

    Ive been applying at a couple locations in the DFW area in texas, does anybody know the wait times for some of those hubs?

    And if I would start now that im 23 I could reitre before 50 years old?
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    So many people in a hurry to be miserable.
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    They have nooo idea what they're signing up for....and they all want to cut the line...that's what gets under my skin the most! I'm special, I wanna be a driver now, not 5years from now...then go drive the short bus.
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    wow somebody has some personal problems.^

    I realize that u just don't become a driver like that im not ignorant like u think. I can have goals u kno. im just trying to figure out if ups is a right path for me
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    Oh I know, I myself really wasnt too interested in driving after being on preload. Heck, I really never thought about it, before working here and after. I just wanted a job. I still see my far share of those coming in and being a chest bumper, I want it now! They have no idea whats in store. I hear the horror stories all the time from drivers. And people really want the driver job? One guy I talked with, who did become a cover, is now talking to me like it may have been a bad idea. Its a misconception on many levels, the biggest is the money earned of course. Is it really worth all the misery?

    Its a one of many reasons I choose no on going cover.
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    they're new, young and naive, we all were once lol.
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    I'm not going to try reading the entire text jumble block either, but....

    Centers and hubs in my area are hiring tons of off the streeters for great paying seasonal temp driving gigs if they can pass a DOT physical, road test and driver class. You might want to see if the opportunity is available in your area. I'm a handler and am giving temp driving a shot this year to get an idea of what path I'd like to take with UPS in the future. Might be helpful for you too.
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    They got that spirit UPS wants, well guy, they will break that before you know it. Get home at 5-6pm today? Well... we will make sure you get home at 9, 10pm tomarrow. Something about getting to work at 9am and getting home at 9,10, 11pm really turns it off for me. I want more hours, I just dont want exessive hours.
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    Here's the deal. I tell everyone that I wouldn't wish ups on my worst enemy. However they have been good to me.In 30 years the only paychecks I have missed was the 2 weeks we were on strike in 97. You will miss most of your kids school activities and tired when you finally get home. As for retirement. ...most shoot for at least 30 years and age 55.
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    sounds like he is an Obama voter
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    At at least once a week people stop me and say they want to drive. I always tell them no one starts off the street, then they say, well I don't want to work part time forever. I didn't either, but I did, if you want to be a driver that's how it works. It pisses me off sometimes. Work part time for 7.5 years making $155 a week trying to survive, then you "deserverve" your turn to go full time.