UPS Celebrates 25 Years In Mexico, Bringing Solutions And Growth To Its Customers

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    This year, UPS (NYSE: UPS) will commemorate 25 years of continued service in Mexico. In order to strengthen its presence in the country and drive domestic growth, UPS will continue to invest in infrastructure, technology, as well as enhancing its portfolio of services. These initiatives include expanding its ground fleet, providing technology to reduce carbon emissions to the environment. Additionally, the company plans to increase its UPS Access Point™Network, which offers consumers convenient package drop-off and pick-up locations near their home or office.

    “At UPS, we are celebrating 25 years since we first arrived in Mexico, where we continue to develop the best logistics services that our founders started more than 100 years ago,” said Michael Cuesta, Marketing and Retail director at UPS Mexico. “We are positioning ourselves as a reliable logistics partner to provide companies and customers the most extensive portfolio of solutions available on the market. Our infrastructure, technology and talented employees are the driving forces behind the company’s success.”

    Currently, UPS provides customers with domestic and international package and freight services, covering more than 98 percent of zip codes in Mexico. Through its global network, the company offers delivery services through ground, air and sea. In Mexico, UPS has more than 500 service locations, including customer service counters, UPS Express™ Centers, UPS Access Point locations and Authorized Shipping Centers. Furthermore, the company has a fleet of more than 550 vehicles, 2,000 employees, customs operations in more than 20 cities throughout Mexico, and operations in the country’s main airports and ports, such as Lazaro Cardenas, Manzanillo, Altamira and Veracruz, among others.

    “We are strengthening our cross-border offerings to facilitate and increase trade between Mexico and the United States, making it easier for exporters and importers to conduct business. We are working on positioning the brand as a domestic and international trade partner. Together with our customers, we are working diligently to tackle customers’ challenges and implement processes that are beneficial to achieve each company’s goals,” added Cuesta.