UPS center working conditions


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Hey I'm looking at starting at the UPS this summer as a parcel sorter. Mainly wondering what exactly they do? Just move boxes around or something? Also wondering what it's like in the centers. Does it get pretty hot in the summer? (80-90 degree weather) Seems like they don't get a whole lot of hours, which I'm ok with at first, but after three years of doing that do you think I'd have a pretty good chance of driving? The center is in a city of about 40k.


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The trailers can get up to at least 120 degrees if not more. What's really sucks is when the glue on the tape starts to melt and all the packages break open. Aside from moving boxes around, you have to change oil in the package cars, wash the center manager's car, clean the toilets, and peel old labels off of the floor.

Truthfully, yes you pretty much just move boxes from one place to another. Some centers are better than others for getting full time. Your best bet is to start working there then ask someone how long it will take.


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Some move parcels, some just sort parcels, and some do other things. Its all depends upon what your center needs when you start.
I loaded feeders ( trailers ) for years, because that was what was needed.


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I'm already cleaning toilets were I'm at lol. I'm just not real great with heat, makes my head itch really bad. Thanks for the info.