UPS Chief Executive Gets Raise

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    good for him.
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    Why can't I see the original post?
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    It was a link to somewhere.
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    "UPS Chairman and CEO Scott Davis got $10.7 million in total compensation last year -- up from $6.2 million in 2009, according to a Monday proxy filing to the Securities and Exchange Commission. His stock awards jumped about 100 percent to $7.8 million, change in pension value and nonqualified deferred compensation earnings were up 63 percent to $1.2 million and non-equity incentive plan compensation rose about 78 percent to $232,000. His salary stayed at $1 million and his stock option awards also were basically flat at $437,514."

    The proxy also shows:

    • Chief Operating Officer David P. Abney’s total compensation went up about 72 percent to $4.3 million.
    • Chief Financial Officer Kurt P. Kuehn’s total compensation grew about 47 percent to $2.8 million.

    United Parcel Service Inc. Chief Executive Scott Davis was paid $10.7 million in total compensation last year, 72% more than the $6.2 million he received in 2009.
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    I heard they still get Christmas turkeys at Corporate too.
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    Pork tenderloins !!
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    Congrats to former II Morrow airline worker Scott Davis. This makes us proud that a non package person makes the most money in the company. I bet Jim is rolling in his grave.
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    thank goodness,with the cost of fuel and living in general i was getting worried about him.i would hate for him to have to live on drivers wages.{overpaid teamsters}
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    And some of you hourly workers still believe UPS would look out for you if there wasn't a Union.
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    We have a union?Oh yea that $63 they deduct off my pay every month.
    That's handy.Our steward goes out with on cars to spy on drivers.
    He is speechless at disciplinary meetings,but he's a really nice guy.
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    Made off the backs of the Drivers and inside people..Must of gone over 9.5 many times to earn that much. Just goes to show you that cronyism is alive and well.

    Keep crying about not making enough money, support Nascar etc etc.. it's nice to see the company making $$$ I wonder if his pension is in the red?? Oops ..forgot he has enough I am sure to survive without one, while the workers sweat and grind it out to make this happen :surprised:
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    As an hourly of 24yrs, I can say UPS has met every promise that it made to me.
    The union can not make that claim.
    One must look after themselves, not a big brother for support.
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    He should be reported to the International and removed from his post.
    Along with all the other worthless stewards languishing out there. Not to mention, their lazy bosses that allow their behavior. I wish we had that power over management.
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    In a thriving company, Scott deserves a raise just like anyone else.

    72% tho.....? Wish I could get that for my raise.
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    Yes we have a union.
    You are your union.
    If everybody looked at it that way things would be different.
    I don't know what your doing to change things in your local.
    Maybe something, maybe nothing.
    One thing I know for sure is that alone you will effectuate very little change, but united with a large number, things would change.
    I certainly hope we wake up before it's too late.
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    Must be nice to be the king!
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    To all the runners out there- Davis thanks you. NOT!!!!!!!!!!
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    He did what outside shareholders wanted him to do. The company made a big pile of money. Remember, the shareholder comes first.