UPS could easily make more profits! Simple common sense!

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    Honestly Rudy5150.... I think it makes more sense to use "UPS Math" and pay 30 drivers $42/hour (OT) considering that no driver gets off in 8 hours anymore. That 30 minutes loading their package cars basically equates to 30 minutes more OT for the driver.

    True Story - What about the center getting charged with "AM" may ask? Well...if you were a supervisor in our would "sneak" back in around 11:30 PM......get into the timecards (older PTE)..not GTS.. and make "edits" to all those excessive AM times. Sure...the driver gets paid the same but the center manager and supervisors don't have to deal with those nasty conference calls. Why is it that UPS Corporate does not want to know the truth... and that they force so many people to compromise their integrity?

    UPS - The most "Penny Wise - Pound Foolish" Company in America. Fortunately UPS has "deep pockets" which allow it to autocorrect from it's blunders.

    Inside UPS hit the nail on the head!!!!!
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    UPS could easily make more profits! Simple commen sense!

    No doubt we could make more money. As efficient as we are still nowhere near what we could be. Plus we raise prices every year anyway. We always make more.
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    I put correct information in, they can code it however they want as long as I get paid. If they get in trouble for editing timecards or coding stuff incorrectly that's on them.
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    At this point I don't even care how much money they make. Just pay me mine.
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    Correct me if I am wrong, the Dm must approve of time and hours-worked before going to payroll. Therefore, he/she instructs lower mgmt to alter time cards and "coding" to fit into the system so it works. This is where people are shaved, the checks and balances occur.

    I always wondered how someone could work under those conditions; being a sacrificial lamb so to speak. The people above generally don't get their hands dirty, do they?
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    Thats why I always keep a notebook. There have been several times in my career , where they said i did X amount of stops per hour. Or they said you had too much excess hours in the A.M. I even had one boss (who thought he had balls) saying you notebook does not reflect the correct times and stops per hour! Really Really...Why in the flying fudge would I lie to myself?? oh Im sorry we have have to look into it!...Lying mother
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    It works the same way with the unethical driver/sup relationship, they don't ask how they get the results until a third party comes in to audit because of an issue. At that point they claim they should have known better and terminate the same employee they looked away blindly to when he was producing.
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    OK I gotta speak up! What is this thread about?
    The OP made no sense to me and it just keeps on going.
    Changing time cards without the employees knowledge if a cardinal sin.
    Getting fired for production is a guarantee you'll be back soon.
    You just can't do this stuff.
    What I have seen is too many overzealous center manager's that take a dislike to
    certain people and make their life unbearable to the point where they just quit.
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    Okay DS.... Here is the explanation for the OP (Rudy5150)..... This thread was split off another thread about using crayons or peeling labels.... Rudy copied my comments and started a new thread...but did not include what I was responding to... Hope this helps some...

    Read more:

    Re: Being forced to use crayons to write sequance numbers..
    NOTE: For a long time....UPS management never realized there were "Audit Logs" within PTE.. Any edit would mark who changed the card and what time it was changed. The new GTS also has a more sophisticated audit log system.

    Changing an employees timecard is not a "cardinal" sin unless you get caught. Many supervisors and center managers "tweak" AM and PM times which does NOT result in any shortage or overage to the driver. It simply makes center reports more acceptable to upper management (DM). ​
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