UPS didn't pay me last week even tho I drove Monday thorough Thursday

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    So it's peak season, and I'm out there busting my ass and doing everything I'm told to do. So today I logged on to to check my pay stub and they only payed me for the 2.5 hrs that I hopped last Friday when my rout was cut. Totally :censored2: me off.. I've never worked for a company that has such a hard time paying their employees correctly and on time!! I just don't get it.. They ask so much out of their workers and this is how we're payed in return. And also none the less its christmas time and I need this $$ for shopping. And to top off all this crap they don't even have a pay roll I can call, they have to send an email and wait for a response.. :censored2: company
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    Remember one thing, this isnt the company NOT paying you, its YOUR CENTER. If your center team fails to do "their" job, then you pay for it.

    The company can only pay you on the information they recieve from your center. Additionally, YOU should be ASKING for a COPY of your weekly hours from the WOR report to insure you have been recorded properly. You also have some liability in this case.


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    Payroll is not allowed to speak to employees directly because we have no way to verify who you are on the phone. That's why all communication has to go through the Time and Labor Inquiry system. Besides, Payroll can only pay what your center sends in. If your time was not sent in properly, calling the payroll department wouldn't do any good because they wouldn't be able to see anything. All they would be able to do is ask you to have your center put in an adjustment for the missing pay. They can't pay something just because they get a phone call from an employee saying he is missing hours.

    If you were shorted, you are well within your rights to request a manual check which will be sent NDA to your center or your home or you can ask them to add it to your next paycheck.
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    Ask your mgt team to do a payroll inquiry.
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    If your center manager is a stand up guy, he will ask what it would take to tide you over til the check comes in. That's what mine did. Was going to front me some cash. I declined, but if you need the money, you might inquire about it.
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    You should just quit and let this be someone else's problem.