UPS driver arrested in alleged package scheme


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Investigators say the parcels contained T-Mobile cell phones known as Sidekicks. Police believe they were ordered with stolen credit card numbers, then intercepted in a series of prearranged visits with UPS drivers who were accomplices in the scheme.
At least one driver is in custody after police say he parked on a Brooklyn street corner, intending to sell eight cell phones to the suspected ring leader -- sophisticated $500 dollar devices for which the UPS driver would allegedly be paid less than $50 dollars each. Police say it was UPS internal security that actually cracked this case.

Would love to hear the driver's story on this one. Pure genius on their parts. Seen this type of scam before, nothing new, just UPS Security checking claim reports and one thing led to another. Or maybe an employee called the hotline? Wonder if Local 804 can give us the scoop


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Great publicity.

Sounds like NY will be needing drivers.

Over 9/5, you even got a chuckle out of me on that one. The sad part is that we are always needing drivers (city) ,they just dont last here. People quit and or get fired all the time. I am really surprised some of the other stories never make it to this site or even on WABC like that jacka$$. Last year, UPS security was investigating dell computers all of a sudden growing wings. They placed GPS inside a computer and guess what? That package vanished also. They caught the driver pressed charges, whole 9 yards but never made the paper. UPS preload FT manager(no not PT) fired 4 years ago for placing labels on top of cell phones having them sent to a friends house. I could go on for hours and hours about stuff that has went on over the years here. Anyone know why we have metal detectors added to the building way back when?

Ps Chan I will see what I can find out when I go back to work on Tuesday.


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here in toronto we just had a guy arrested friday for stealing cell phones,i trained him,i left that part out. i guess the pre loader taught him