UPS Driver Interview


a day in the life

I`ve never opened a package in my life to see whats in it.
And I`d never even consider smoking a joint with my helper.
I`ve never been drunk on the job,or given preferential treatment to customers that give me gifts.Most of this guys comments are true,but I really doubt that hes spending much time at the coffee shop regardless if he has a helper or not.Interesting read though...


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I am pretty sure that this guy is the exception and not the rule among UPS drivers and all employees. Some of the things he said sort of surprised me, but most of what he said, I have heard about. One of the funniest thing I found was that he would actually go swimming and get a tan while working. This interview was actually in a book, "Gig : Americans Talk About Their Jobs".


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"It's basically a job for stupid people."

Well, yeah..... But... it's a really good paying job for stupid people!


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Actually, it's too bad they had to interview this idiot. A pot-smoking lowlife who opens and steals packages.

Or did they? I find it a little hard to believe someone who smokes pot and pilfers packages would give an interview with their name and area they work in.


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While I found that some of the things he said had the ring of truth I think there was a whole lot of exaggeration and some flat out lies. If he spent as much time screwing around as he says he does I can't see him being still employed especially if his center is as militaristic as he says. JMO.


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UPS currently does require a drug screening before they hire you. This guy said he's been there 10 years and they didn't that long ago. If you have an accident they can require you take a drug test, you can refuse but thats grounds for termination.

I find it hard to believe he drinks or get high on or before the job. The job is way to tough to be done that way. Plus to drive that truck requires a good bit of attention, not to mention backing.

Many of the things he says are true, but stealing, drug use, abusive behavior toward a customer or employee, and just hanging around during the day are not tolerated at UPS. They can tell who is working and who is out there wacking off. The guy wacking off will be followed, photographed, and then fired.

It is a very hard job. You must have good driving skills, good work ethic, and good people skills.


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I've heard of some of that stuff, but the interview as a whole reads like a fake. if any of it is true - why does this guy still work for us?


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I'm friends with my customers and don't really understand how this guy could take advantage of them like that. Is this a real driver? I don't know any like this. His management/employee relations sound alot like ours though. I learn to ignorn most of the criticism.