UPS Driver saves a childs life


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My co-worker Joe Mitchell out of the Ottumwa Iowa 5250 (USA) Center had an interesting delivery yesterday. While delivering a package yesterday (9-11-07) he went to place a package between the storm door and the front door of a residence. As he opened the storm door,he saw the top of the head of a small 4 or 5 year old little child. The child had pinned himself in between the two doors. And the child lived two doors down from the residence that was being delivered. Joe's a Hero in my book.


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I have an older lady on my route who is diabetic. I've had to call 911 twice for her when she's been in a diabetic shock. She leaves her door open and locks the screen door. So, I go up ring the bell and she stands up and falls down flat on the floor. I know shes diabetic, because I deliver her insulin. Shes 80 something, but still wants to live on her own.


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UPS drivers are so often involved in life-saving and/or tricky personal situations. They know their routes and their customers and have the common sense and courage to take the ball and run. Bless your hearts and keep up the great work!