UPS driver says company fired her after she raised Covid-19 safety concerns

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    UPS driver says company fired her after she raised Covid-19 safety concerns - VT Digger

    A UPS driver in Vermont has filed whistleblower complaints after she was fired after raising Covid-19 safety concerns at the facility where she worked.

    Marge Harvey, who has worked with UPS since 1987, said she was fired on April 10 from her job at the UPS facility in St. Johnsbury. She has since filed complaints at both the federal and state level with the Occupational Safety & Health Administration. She said she is seeking to get her job back.

    Workers at UPS distribution centers in Vermont held protests outside some of the company’s six facilities Wednesday morning, including ones in Williston and Berlin that each drew about a dozen workers.
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    UPS Distribution Centers? That's different.
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    I have to see a picture of Marge before I pick a side. With a name like Marge I would imagine she's got a few miles on her.
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    Serious. Who is named Marge anymore ?!
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    Why does Marge have big fake DD’s?
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    She was fired for dishonesty.

    Was it related to her complaints on COVID-19? Maybe, maybe not.

    If you're going to call out UPS and make them look bad in the public's eye, you better have all your ducks in a row and be doing the job by the methods...just sayin'
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