UPS driver Shot and killed


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Must have really been a menacing woman to have had to shoot her three times with two police officers on the scene.


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Two trained policemen couldn't take a knife away from one woman? They are in the wrong profession. They should have stayed back and tried to talk to her a while and let her have time to calm down. I'm glad I don't live in that town.:confused:1


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Thank you Scratch! That's how I feel. Don't they have nightsticks? I think two cops with nightsticks should have been able to take her down.

(But it is so much easier to just shoot, I guess...)


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Maybe. But she was, allegedly, a UPS feeder driver who is subject to drug tests. Woulda had to be her first time.

Which makes it even sadder.


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Whatever happened to non-lethal weapons like bean bags, pepper spray, Tazers and the other stuff you see on the police shows?
Did you expect the newspaper to headline anything other than ".....she was acting menacing".?


This type of police confrontation happens a lot and Police dont lose them. Don't get me wrong I support all law inforcement but this question always come ups " couldn't they disarm with nonlethal force? Here in So Cal the same thing happened to a troubled teen recently who said she had been drugged and raped and was distraught and acting irational - Police Shoot, Kill Knife-Wielding Teen In O.C. I can only imagine what a cop must deal with day in and day out, we see glimpses of that on T.V. but a non lethal approach should be part of their decision process right? Grand Jury to Probe Officer's Killing of Woman


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Two trained policemen couldn't take a knife away from one woman? They are in the wrong profession. They should have stayed back and tried to talk to her a while and let her have time to calm down. I'm glad I don't live in that town.:confused:1
You'd think that if you show up to work on the 1st day and they give you a gun, handcuffs, a car with a shotgun, a dog, and a radio, one might think some sh1t's gonna go down on this job.


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Just thought you guys might want to read the comments left on that site!

1. Comment by Harry D. (Dog Dude (Blue heeler)) — August 31,2006 @ 5:11AM Rating: 1 Thumb Up
1st hint you might be dealing with losers is they have been living in a motel for... oh wait the Police don't know.... perhaps checking the Motel records might help with that?
"Police do not know how long Moore and her roommate were living at the motel or in Sierra Vista, Burns said."
"Mitchell fired his weapon, striking Moore three times." Good, but how many times did he fire?
Sounds like good work by the Officers who have the same right to defend themselves you have.
Regardless this story is lacking a great deal.
2. Comment by Jose J. (#2238) — August 31,2006 @ 6:23AM Rating: 9 Thumbs Up
If he hit her three times, he either was darn close, or emptied his gun.
3. Comment by Bran M. (Bran Muffin) — August 31,2006 @ 7:30AM Rating: 2 Thumbs Up
Apparently its not just bears and mountain lions who get killed for something they might do but haven't done yet.
Unless, as #1 seems to imply, living in a motel is a capital offense.
4. Comment by maggie s. (#3414) — August 31,2006 @ 7:46AM Rating: 8 Thumbs Up
"If he hit her three times, he either was darn close, or emptied his gun." Wrong!
He just had to be good with a weapon.
Law enforcement officers are trained to shoot to stop, center mass, to defend themselves or a third party. Sounds like he did his job.
5. Comment by Ryan P. (#5097) — August 31,2006 @ 8:47AM Rating: 5 Thumbs Up
#3 - Would you prefer that the officer was stabbed BEFORE he fired? I seriously doubt - that if you are armed - and someone is coming at you with a knife that you would wait for the knife to penetrate your skin before you fired.
I'm sorry that the lady was killed - but she made her decision - she was "acting in a threatening manner" and the officer took precautions to protect life.
Good idea - Being unarmed in the presence of a cop.
Bad idea - Holding a weapon near a cop.
I'm sorry - thats just common sence.
6. Comment by Michael K. (#4877) — August 31,2006 @ 8:59AM Rating: 0 Thumbs Up
Three times saves the inept prosecution, a retrial and early release to allow her to do it all over again.
Good Job SV.
7. Comment by Ray M. (coach) — August 31,2006 @ 9:51AM Rating: 3 Thumbs Up
You can't shoot someone because they acted "in a menacing manner." No evidence that she was comming at the officer, or that he was in fear of his life. Police have the same restrictions on the use of deadly force as the rest of us. Do you think that you would not be charged with 1 Murder if you shot someone who was acting in a menacing manner? Maybe their is a reason this officer is no longer with the New Mexico Police and working as a cop in Sierra Vista. Why didn't the other officer with more experience shoot?
8. Comment by Harry D. (Dog Dude (Blue heeler)) — August 31,2006 @ 11:46AM Rating: 2 Thumbs Down This comment is below your threshold.
You sure as hell can Ray # 7

"You can't shoot someone because they acted "in a menacing manner."
Brandish a knife at me in a threatening manor and you might end up eating a 260 grain .45 caliber ball round, a 500 grain .45 caliber rifle bullet or if you are really unlucky a load of 00 buck shot.
Then you get fed to the dogs..... tpfic
9. Comment by Elizabeth E. (Isabel) — August 31,2006 @ 12:02PM Rating: 3 Thumbs Up
O goody, here we go again with more ranting about the kind and size of bullets and shot we'd use. It is SO fascinating, isn't it?
10. Comment by Ron J. (fmr JarHead) — August 31,2006 @ 12:55PM Rating: 1 Thumb Up
Yes Elizabeth, it is.
11. Comment by chris b. (cb443) — August 31,2006 @ 1:23PM Rating: 0 Thumbs Up
Cop once told me years ago, "If you have an intruder on your property, shoot him, drag him in the house, then it becomes a pre-meditated intrusion " similar to the "If you run over a snake, back up and run over it again, that way it won't come back and bite you".............Of course, you can replace the word snake with anything you want.
12. Comment by Brian I. (#2056) — August 31,2006 @ 2:41PM Rating: 2 Thumbs Up
I wonder what her drug of choice was?
13. Comment by L C. (#5993) — August 31,2006 @ 6:07PM Rating: 2 Thumbs Up
Jealous woman high on liquor and “stuff” has argument with girlfriend and throws out her “stuff.”.
Girlfriend calls the cops and waits.
Woman gets agitated when two (2) male cops arrive and start to talk and bark commands.
Jealous woman feels betrayed by girlfriend and gets loud to show her feelings.
Jealous woman get angry at cops and finds knife in “stuff.”
Cops #1 and #2 surround woman and walk in circles around her and confuse her movements due to her disoriented state.
Cop # 1 starts yelling and gets within 5 feet of woman and shows his teeth.
Cop #2 comes up behind woman and cracks her (anywhere ) with a baseball bat.
Woman falls and realizes the game is over.
Cops are cleared. Woman lives. Woman charged.
Fair fight.
14. Comment by Sue A. (desertmama) — September 1,2006 @ 3:47PM Rating: 0 Thumbs Up
Knife vs. a gun?? That's hardly a fair fight. Why not shoot the hand that was wielding the knife in such a menacing manner, or shoot her in her kneecap??? So many options other than killing her. If the facts are as presented in your article, this officer should lose his badge.
15. Comment by Chris S. (Concerned) — September 2,2006 @ 4:42AM Rating: 1 Thumb Down
I knew Kristen personally and she wasn't on any drugs. She had a very good job and just moved to the area from St. Louis because of health problems. I can't believe there was no other way to subdue her other than shooting her. What happened to using nonlethal force??? I hope this officer loses alot of sleep over this.
16. Comment by REBECA S. (REBECA) — September 2,2006 @ 9:39AM Rating: 0 Thumbs Up
sounds like domestic violence..
17. Comment by Rhonda C. (Rhonda) — September 2,2006 @ 2:47PM Rating: 0 Thumbs Up
I knew Kristen personally as well, She was my sister! I feel a lot of people are making comments about this and they really don't know what they are talking about. She had a box cutter in her hand. It was a tool she used at work! Imagine that Kristen had a job and was trying to establish herself in a new place. She had Bi-Polar Disorder and did her best to deal with it. I think these officer were so trained and professional they should have picked up on the fact that something was up. I believe they meant to murder her. Remember she was someones daughter, grand-daughter, sister, aunt, neice. She was well loved!!!!!! She was no criminal but like countless other people she had problems and was doing her best to get by. Everyone lives in a glass house. Stop throwing stones!


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News story from TV station there.

KGUN 9 News - KGUN-TV, the ABC affiliate in Tucson, Arizona. News, Weather. > News Story

Apparently she had left UPS in pheonix and moved to Tuscon for some reason or another..


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New info coming out from this. According to witnesses she did not charge the officer with a knife. She had a box cutter in her hand. One officer had his taser drawn and the other shot her 3 times to the chest.

Kristen was told when she left that she had a job when she arrived in Pheonix. When she got there they didn't even know who she was. Kind of ****ty to treat your people that way..


I lost my respect towards cops long, long, long time ago.
Even if you recycle the whole police dept. you will not get rid off that piece of crap mentallity.
My sister in law is a cop, and she knows I cannot stand cops....I don't give a rats ass about what they think.
It's a shame and embarrasment to all the police in this country.
One teenager could have taken her down.
(Don't get me wrong, some women can really put up a fight, but there's no need to shoot, c'mon.)
Sorry, if I did offend someone. This really piss me off man.


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Thank you Scratch! That's how I feel. Don't they have nightsticks? I think two cops with nightsticks should have been able to take her down.

(But it is so much easier to just shoot, I guess...)
it's so much safe for a cop to shoot. why should the cop risk their life for someone with a knife? people are so ignorant when it comes to use of force.

you honestly think a baton is enough force to take on a knife? a knife can kill you with one swing. a baton cannot. cops are instructed in their use of force training to match the force and move up a level (assailant with fists with baton, assailant with baton with OC spray, assailant with knife with gun, assailant with gun with gun) there's no reason why a cop should risk his or her life because of a woman holding a knife, all to help preserve the assailant's life.


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Like I stated before, yes there were two cops there and one of them had his taser drawn but never used it. They should of tased her.