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    Cops have disconnected an identity-theft ring that brazenly snagged $300,000 worth of popular and pricey Sidekick cellphones, and then dispatched them around Brooklyn via crooked UPS drivers, The Post has learned.
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    Made the front page of the paper today. A little birdie told me that 2 more drivers and a suit are going down also. Dont do the crime if you dont wanna do the time!
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    In my hub we have had something like 6 or 7 employees fired over theft 2 of them being janitors. One got caught stealing a DVD player the other was caught taking money out of our managers wallet in his office while cleaning it. The rest were pt hourlies and one full time supervisor stealing something like $70,000 in guitars. One pt was putting address correction labels on boxes with his address but the same tracking number what an idiot. UPS can steal from you ex: not being paid correctly, losing your check, or even try to pay you at the wrong utility or driver scale and not care. But once they think you are stealing from them or their customers they will find out the truth. I know the cost of living in New York is higher but come on jeapordizing a $60,000-$70,000 a year job plus benefits, paid vacations, paid sick days and all the other little perks we get to sell a $500 stolen sidekick for $50 is just plain stupid. If your mad at UPS their are other ways to get back at them other than stealing especially when this effected this particular customer who had nothing to do with your beef towards UPS.
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    This reminds me of all the stories I've heard of people stealing at my hub. Just last month, several airbelt employees were fired for stealing guns. I don't even know how you would sneak those out!:confused:1
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    uh, i don't think these were lifers, these were people with ties to organized crime who got the job with ups to fufil their scheme. not the other way around.

    lifers would realise that it's very hard getting around ups corporate security.
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    Agreed totally.

    I remember way way back a stolen gun(ups) was linked to a murder in Uniondale. Not too long after that, metal detectors come into play.