UPS Earnings UP!

Discussion in 'The Archives' started by wkmac, Apr 22, 2003.

  1. wkmac

    wkmac Guest

    This is good news to see UPS FINALLY beat street estimates. Hope this starts a trend!
  2. badhab1

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    Hi Mac, first impression is that it was a very positive qtr. Continued growth in international and non package segment was exciting to see. Any kind of rebound by the economy should help the third leg (domestic pkg) mover forward. Good job.
  3. gsx1990

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    Considering how bad the weather was across much
    of the country this past quarter, and the fact
    that fuel prices were very high, I think the

    numbers are EXCELLENT!
  4. peacock71

    peacock71 Guest

    UPS reminds the street that actual profits drive the market.

    Go UPS!
  5. wkmac

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    2Q year ago earning was .54 cents and projections for 2Q 03' is .58 to .62 cents. If we can beat estimates by .1 cent like 1Q 03' then this would be an earning growth of nearly 20% verses year ago if my math is correct. Doing this in a still shakey economy I would think would be viewed as a big positive so IMO this appears going in the right direction. JMO.