UPS employee charged with stealing guns during delivery

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    UPS employee charged with stealing guns during delivery - Citizen Times

    A former UPS employee who police say texted his wife, “Take the guns and kids and run.” has been charged with stealing firearms meant to be shipped to local stores.

    Matthew Scott Nunes, 32, of Hendersonville, has been charged with five counts of larceny of a firearm for allegedly stealing five firearms, including an AR 15. According to an arrest warrant, the guns were in transit from the UPS shipping facility in Asheville to three stores: On Target Shooting Range, Prices Creek General Store and Cherokee Trading Post. Each charge is a felony.
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    seriously he had enough money to buy the guns himself, got to be more to the story
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    But why?
  6. Seasonal?
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    Anybody with any time in would know better.
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    What state is this Hendersonville in?
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    Sounds like North Carolina.

    Decent journalism would have been clear on that but too much to hope for.
  10. Well...
    I seen a few ding dongs over the years get can for being stupid
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    It's amazing that people this stupid manage to reproduce.
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    my guess Kentucky

    Probably inbred
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    ...and vote.

    Well, he won't be voting any time soon now.
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    Are you sure about that?
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    Had a gun in my hub with almost 30 years in driving ,getting ready to retire, got caught stealing cameras from a high end camera place we pick up from. Fired and lost 30 years of hard work for what? People are stupid
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    Guy not gun. Auto correct at its finest
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    Did he beep his horn ?
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    The Citizen Times is a local paper out of Asheville and Hendersonville is right next door. Pointing out that this took place in North Carolina would have seemed redundant to the readership.
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    They can read in NC ?
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    Redundant for local readers maybe but not for when USA Today picks it up as a national story.