UPS Employee Refuses To Deliver Package Of Pot

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by barney, Nov 4, 2009.

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    The idiot opened the package he should have been fired. If something was sticking out of it like he said he should have Scanned it damaged and brought it back to the building and notified a SUP not open up the box.
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    Wow! I have to believe there must be more to this story.
  4. rod

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    We were always taught to inspect the package if it was suspected of being damaged. That included opening it up if necesssary. There were a lot of porn packages that were suspected of being damaged:wink2: On a serious note we did complete tons of deliveries that sounded like something was broken- but wasn't. That is why God invented taper guns- right kenmei?

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    He even admitted to opening the package !!! I think that would be tough to overturn. We could retape the box as drivers but never open it.
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    When you went to driving school didn't loss prevention tell you that you are not aloud to stick you had in a box. If it's open you can tape it up. IF you shake it and it sounds like it broken bring it back to the building and give it the clerk.

    Opening packages and checking to see if something is broke is a good way to get accussed of stealing something that is why you don't open packages up. It's also a great way to get fired.
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    We have pot sting deliveries every once in awhile here...As soon as driver makes a signed delivery, consignee is swarmed by undercover cops..
  8. rod

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    1. I am retired and was just relating how things were in the good old days.

    2. I never went to driving school. I went straight from a few months working
    as a part timer to full time delivery driver. NO schooling

    3. Not that they probably weren't around but I can only remember one time in 30 years that we knew a loss prevention dude was at our center.

    4. Way back then the company was more interested in providing a good service to our customers than nitpicking every friggin aspect of delivering a box.

    5. The bottom line is we were working as directed. I've seen drivers chewed out because they brought back a box that they "thought" was damaged. The game back then was "get rid of every box every day".

    6. I do realize "the times they are (have been since UPS went public) a changing.
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    i would have released it and took it home lol
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    I no longer care to think what is in a box.
    I know the pot, I can almost smell it. I can recognize them by the distinction of where its from and where its going, I can recognize the reused labels. And I no longer bring it to anyones attention. I know the dealers are happy and Im safe.
    I really dont care about the pot. Its the harder drugs that worry me, but Im outta the area when Im home, and it has never done me any good to care.
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  12. over9five

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    Yup, he was fired for thinking.

    Just do your job - deliver the box.
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    I apologize for reviving a similar, but dormant thread yesterday.
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    i would of done the same thing!!!
    Something seems wierd.. report it!!!
    he will get his job back.. and back pay!!!
    (unless there is Something we dont know)
    maybee he had a Side skeem wit the Dealers and Ups has been watching him!
    and he knew he was being watched that reported this 1 package because things were fishy!!!

    there were some drivers i heard stories of... that were doing shady **** like that!!!(thinking they wont get caught)

    BLACKBOX Life is a Highway...

    Who wants to be a hero? Just deliver the package. I wonder what percentage of UPS revenue comes from people shipping illegal drugs? If they sent it once you know they've used us many times before.
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    There is more to this story than is being told.
    He grieved his termination and the Teamsters did not back him.
    It is now under the purview of the Civil Legal system.
    That may get him some money but not his job back as a usual course.
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    Just another excuse to fire a's always the drivers fault....
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    I don't know Why, but welcome to Brown Cafe!
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    If this guy had any commonsense and has been at UPS for 17 yrs,especially in that area ,he should of been more afraid of the ramifications & rath put on him from the drugs not being delivered to by the cons,or the shipper. I'm sure the dealers knew his dailey routine. I would of left it & then called UPS on it,which they would say "we will look into it "" then file in the who gives a ship file cabinet!!
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    Like johney said, there must be more to the story. I did the same thing a couple years ago. But I called a supe first. UPS is aloud to open packages, and a driver is part of UPS. But you must be careful that your integrity isn't questioned. I also think there is a diference between refusing to deliver a package and just plain not delivering a package.