UPS/FedEx trailer crash in Brooklyn. FedEX driver dies

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    Thoughts and prayers to the Fedex driver and his family in New Hope,
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    That must have been a hell of an impact.
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    Ejected from the vehicle. Wearing a seatbelt???

    Condolences to the driver's family.
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    Conflicting stories one news story has the UPS driver rear ending the Fed Ex TT and the other has the Fed Ex Rear ending the UPS TT.
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    God bless the FedEx driver and his family. My prayers go out for our ups brother as well. This has to be very very hard on him.
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    From the pictures in the second article, it looks like the Fedex truck is damaged and the front of the UPS one isn't.
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    Don't care if you weigh 400 lbs. In this day in age, if you are ejected from the vehicle, you aren't wearing your seatbelt. Sure it sucks. But apparently someone was throwing caution to the wind for minimal comfort. Proceed to put that into your proverbial pipe and toke real hard. Kind of like Dale Earnhardt and his improperly installed belts. How is that comfort issue feeling now dead guy?
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    This story is more inline with what the pictures show....

    NEW YORK (WABC) -- Two delivery trucks collided on the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway Tuesday night, killing one of the drivers.

    A FedEx tractor trailer and a UPS truck crashed on the eastbound expressway, near the Metropolitan Avenue exit, at 10:30 p.m.
    The driver of the truck that rear ended the other was ejected from his vehicle.
    He was pinned between the trucks and pronounced dead. No other serious injuries were reported.
    The eastbound lanes were closed for two hours as police investigated.

    1 dead when trucks collide on Brooklyn-Queens Expressway in Queens |
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    RIP and my prayers to the families.