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    Having transfered to a different facility other than the one I was originally hired on at, I have now found out that "they" are claiming that my company seniority is now being calculated as when I transfered to my current terminal.

    Now I am not one to whine, but I find this to be completely unacceptable and patently unfair.

    When I made the transfer, it was under Overnite (this was in 2000) and the rules were that you retained you company time in regards to layoffs and vacation selection. Now, without a vote or comments (to my knowledge), I am loosing over seven (7) years of time. This has a significant and material impact on me and my family, especially in light of current economic conditions.

    I would greatly appreciate constructive advice and input on this issue.

    Is anyone else in this same situation? If so, have you sought, or found a positive remedy?

    I am currently domiciled out of the Memphis, TN facility.

    Thanks for your time and consideration in this issue.
  2. Brown287

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    In package your seniority does not travel with you if you transfer to new building. You do keep your vacations your pay rate and all the other benefits you have earned up till that point, but as far as seniority for bidding or layoffs that is lost.

    With that said though you should read your contract to see rather or not you guys have anything on Grandfathering in your current status with Overnite. You are right, right now is not a good time to be the low man on the totem pole. Good luck.
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    So you have 7 years in Mem & they want to downgrade you to the bottom of the siniority list? You have company siniority but bidding goes by hire date in any terminal. :angry-very2:

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    There has been a ruling last year, that states that you keep your seniority for layoffs and biding on vacations ONLY. Talk to your BA about it, he/she should know where to find the info at. NIKDIESEL should be able to help as well, he is a very good Steward out of Boston. If you cannot find him on this site goto and we have several good stewards that will help you find the ruling. I think that this falls under the past practice part of the contract. Good luck.