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    Can someone give me some information on becoming a driver for UPS freight. I understand the pay starts at $18/ hour and after 4 years is $29 an hour? Teamsters union. How's the work/life balance? Is it impossible to get a job off the street as a UPS freight driver?
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    It's funny----i was thinking about transferring to Phoenix terminal.

    Anyways, no, the pay starts at $17.40, then goes to $17.70 after you make seniority/make it into the union---like 45 working days. Then again, with the new contract, i'm not 100% sure what you're going to start at or finish with.....

    If you're city p+d, then i'd say the work/life balance is ok----weekends completely off, although it seems like the work week is devoted to work and not much else? It may depend from terminal to terminal.

    It is NOT impossible to get on with upsf off the street; How much experience you got and your driving record?
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    I have a little over a year of experience. Perfect driving record.
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    Start $17.70
    Seniority $18.00
    Twelve (12) months $20.00
    Twenty-four (24) months $23.00
    Thirty-six (36) months $25.50
    Forty-eight (48) months Top Progression Rate $28.65

    This is the pay scale for city P&D drivers starting the newest contract. After you get to top progression you start earning the raises of every six months.
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    What are the hours usually for p&d I'm over in Pennsylvania an I see job postings for the hours of 9-5 but that doesn't seem right? Also does upsf work the docks when not driving?
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    9-5 is a dream. As a new driver you come in when they schedule you, could be 4 am, could be noon. It wont change drastically during the same week but may change week to week depending on the time they need you. Yes you will be expected to be available and able to work as a driver and dock worker. Sometimes you'll come in at 6 to help unload freight and hit the streets at noon to start a route, off around 6 that night to do it all over again tomorrow. Don't expect to have a family life for the first few years, its not going to happen. This is normal for any p&d job out there.
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    Well just got laid off from ups cartage supply chain. Thinking about going to ups freight for the normal hours but I always see them hiring so don't think that's a good sign.