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  1. supreme7

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    Can a ups freight driver apply for a feeder position is one becomes open?
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  2. Brownslave688

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    You mean as an off the street higher?
  3. supreme7

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  4. silenze

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    Won't know until you try
  5. Mugarolla

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    Yes. You will be considered just like any other outside hire if UPS is looking to the outside to fill jobs.

    It may work to your advantage or disadvantage.

    UPS might be ticked that you are quitting freight and not hire you at small package, or UPS might think that you are basically already qualified and ready to go.

    It could really go either way.
  6. UPSGUY72

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    If your applying through the website UPSjobs .com you might have a problem. It might not let you apply because your info is already in the UPS system.
  7. Brown Now

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    Ask someone in HR at the feeder hub your trying to apply at. There may be a waiting period before you're allowed to come back so to speak.
  8. UpstateNYUPSer

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    These are two separate opco's and you would have to quit and take your chances on getting hired.
  9. Johney

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    This. I find it hard to believe freight UPS is much different than package UPS as far as hiring practices. You can not quit package UPS and get hired again at a later time w/o having been put on the "rehire" status, so I would have to think that it would somehow work the same in this instance. Apply for package feeder from freight and the second you put in your S.S.# and all kinds of alarms will go off.
  10. HR will be your best friend. Can't hurt to ask. What is the worst they will say? No you can't?
  11. OV623

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    Don't leave freight!