ups future


with the incredible benefits the teamsters get how are we going to get good management candidates ? my day people strove to go into pt supervision and the lucky few were selected for ft supervision.....the landscape has certainly changed .
I imagine they'll do the same they did to me- tell me I'd have to wait 12 years to become full time in the union or go into management and immediately be eligible to be promoted to full time.


Burn this whole thing into the ground
Let's worry about making it into my 70's first. LOL Honestly, man plans and God laughs. We are not in control of our destiny.
Even better reason to go enjoy life. We have had many people who had to retire because of health issues or others who left and died a year later.


Burn this whole thing into the ground
We also had several delivery drivers that retired and within a few years were gone. I'm guessing lack of activity.
Or I have heard that they try to go out and do some 20 year old :censored2: and break a hip and never recover. Might not want to try snowboarding or trail running up in the woods at 65 years old.