UPS giving the runaround with disability. Vent

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    So my teamster husband broke his foot over 3 weeks ago (non work related) and he called UPS HR to report his injury. They instructed him to call Teamcare to file disability and to fax in the doctor's note. We immediately faxed in to HR the doctor's note and the Initial Short Disability Form for UPS to fill out and fax back to Teamcare.

    So why the hell won't they fill out the Initial Short Disability Form and fax it to Teamcare?!!! Repeated calls to Teamcare says that UPS hasn't and that's why we haven't received the STD yet.

    Hubby calls HR and they say they won't fill out the form and instead emailed us (not Teamcare) a generic "Notice of Medical Documentation received" and a Sorter Duties Summary and said that's all Teamcare needs. Teamcare says they have to fill out the damn form.

    Seriously? How the hell can they refuse to fill out the Disability Form (that Teamcare swears they are mandated by law to fill out). After every doctor's visit, we have faxed in every Doctor's Status report/note and have kept UPS updated but they are giving us the runaround.

    I am so freaking frustrated right now. His Supes are freaking useless and haven't been any help.

    Anyone have a contact at HR that will help with this? They deal with this every freaking day and act like people going out on disability never happens.
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    File a grievance.
  3. oldngray

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    The people in HR never seem able to grasp the concept that the employees are their customers. Even worse, they have little to no accountability for their actions so frequently try to pull crap like this.
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    Generalities like this are of little use.

    Our HR person (Heather) is wonderful. She takes care of two centers yet always has time to answer any questions that we may have.
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    BOG. Say no more.
  6. UpstateNYUPSer

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    I broke my foot years ago. I called the boss and the people that administer my teamster insurance. I have no clue who or where HR is.
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    When I had an out of work injury the only snag in the process was getting the doctor that I was seeing for my injury to sign off on the paperwork. It took almost a week to get it back and that's after I was charged $10 for it. The clinic is swamped with disability patients but damn.
  9. UpstateNYUPSer

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    It is becoming common practice for doctor's offices to charge a minimal fee, usually $10, to fill out insurance forms.
  10. Indecisi0n

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    Keep records and dates of EVERYTHING. Make sure that the doctors are responding to the insurance company. You might send in the paperwork but alot of the time the insurance company's wants to either talk to the doc or is waiting for additional paperwork and is getting blow off my doctors office.

    Keep everything well documented in case you have to file and prove your case.
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    I've never seen or was aware that our building even has an hr person.
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    When I filled out disability forms, I won't into the center manager's office and had him fill it out on the spot. Took less than 5 mins, just asked me the last day I had worked, and a signature, and off to doctors office. Just left form at doctors office, and they mailed it back a few days later.(they are super busy you know) Best way to do it, instead of faxing it, and it not getting to the right person.
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    That's asinine. It is part of their job to fill out those papers. I would find another doctor if they tried that on me.
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    The OP, seems to have a lot of medical "issues".

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    Wow something besides "Yawn". I'm impressed.

    Not really.
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    The response I wanted to give would have put me back in timeout----again.
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    Take or fax your Teamcare Initial Short Term Disability Form to your doctor. Have your doctor fill out their section. Your husband fills out his section. Then take it to the Center Manager and have him/her fill out that section. Then have your center manager fax it to Teamcare and get a fax receipt showing Teamcare received it.

    This is what I did and I have not had any problems.

    If he is going to be on disability for a while; make sure he fills out the Continuation of Disability Form very early to insure continued payments.

    Good Luck. A lot of hoops to jump through but UPS figures people wont jump thru them or they will jump thru the wrong hoops. Get what you are entitled to.
  18. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Should he also fill out a withdrawal card from the union to avoid having to pay back dues when he comes back?
  19. browned out

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    If he will be out for any substantial amount of time; a withdrawal card should be filled out.
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