ups has no idea how much business they could get from ebay!

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by coldworld, Oct 9, 2007.

  1. Coldworld

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    E-bay has basically boosted the post offices bottom line all my itself. It is such a money making machine, Im not sure why ups doesnt take ebay more seriously. I know they are a perferred shipper on paypal, and ups does have a banner advertising on the top of ebay pages;I just dont think ups considers it a "real" business.I also know that some think it would not be cost effective to ship by ups, especially the small 1 lb items, but I have been hearing over and over on how this last usps price increase has hurt the post office shippers of this country with the largest increase in years(yet people still use them even if ups is cheaper). Anyone have any thoughts on how ups can start capturing this revenue? There must be something wrong when ups is cheaper in most all zones now for pkgs over 2 or 3 lbs, and people are still shipping with the post office.
  2. Jim Dandy

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    UPS DOES understand that this is an important source of volume.
    For shippers using PayPal to produce their labels for shipments, UPS has offered discounts off of published rates. Also, a representative from UPS is on the eBay Radio program on a regular basis answering questions and promoting the discounted UPS rates available through PayPal.
  3. JustTired

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    It's called convenience.

    First off, even when the post office is no closer than the UPS center, the UPS customer counter is usually closed during the lunch hours of the typical working person. That is if the center even has a functioning customer counter.

    Second, If you say they can take it to a UPS Store or some other location like Staples for example, by the time you add on the charges there, the cost savings would become a moot point.

    I'm not saying that UPS discourages individuals from using us, but they sure don't make it easy.

    I never understood the customer counter hours. It seems that they are closed almost all of the hours that the typical person would be able to use them. It's been a rant of mine for years. Well, not the last several years because I just quit caring.
  4. VTBrown

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    Understanding the customer counter hours is very simple.

    When UPS bought out Mailboxes Express and turned them into the UPS Store and signed Staples as an authorized drop center it was to essentially eliminate the counter clerk.

    THUS lowering UPS payroll by having a third party essentially staff the new customer counter......
  5. dillweed

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    I frequently see folks coming in with pkgs to ship and tell them it's because of all the trucks zooming out the door. :blushing:

    I used to sell a bit on e-bay and, while in the seller's forums, found that UPS can't compete with the PO in the line of small pkgs, which many on ebay are.

    Also mentioned was the amount of damages with UPS. Can you believe that?!? :confused:1
  6. 25yrvet

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    many resi to resi shippers do not know how to prepare/pack a shipment.
    IE... Double labels, Insuffiecient packaging, not enough tape, brown paper wraping on the outside of the box, etc. I remember people shipping 2nd hand computer moniters in the late 80's---that was a nite mare.
    I say give me more Cabella's, Lands' End, Zappos, JC Penney!
  7. rickybobby

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    If UPS really wanted to corner the eBay market the would have to offer BASIC product to compete with the USPS. I believe that BASIC is designed to be 5lbs. or less and rates are somewhat consistent with USPS Parcel Post. The main issue with this solution is that BASIC would canabalize our Ground product.
  8. diesel96

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    I woudn't use the UPS Store......It's cheaper if you call in for a one/time p/u.....I've witness many a customer walk out shaking their head b!tchin "thats way to much money".....I even hear the store owner complaining that Ups nickel and dimes them to death with add corrections.
  9. rod

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    I don't think anyones shippings rates have a lot to do with it. From what I've experienced with e-bay the seller sets the shipping charges and 9 time out of 10 they try to make more profit from inflating them to the point of being ridiculous. I've seen a single baseball cap being sold that the seller wants $5.00 for the cap and $25.00 shipping and handling. I once sent an email to a seller giving him a hard time about his inflated shipping charges- he sent back "apparently you don't know what it costs to ship things now days". I sent back " Yes I do" :)
  10. JustPartTime

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    Another problem is that the Post Office gives FREE Priority Mail boxes and FREE labels with your return address preprinted.
  11. Dand_E_Don

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    I have also heard that all of the USPS' competitors are required, by law, to charge at least double what the USPS charges. That would certainly account for the USPS being so much cheaper than us. Anyone know the truth?
  12. brownrodster

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    UPS customer counters are a joke. If UPS was really serious about service they woudl start there. I would never wait in the long line (we have one counter clerk and usually 20 people in line). I could never make it within the crappy hours they are open.
  13. Harley Rider

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    UPS doesn't want the ground packages anymore. I can't remember the exact percentage of profit but it takes like 15 ground packages to make the same amt. of money as one NDA.

    Then you have all the miles, gas and maintenance for delivering those 15 packages versus one NDA pkg.

    Using UPS for air packages ain't for the common man anymore. The prices are astronomical compared to 15 years ago. Ground is almost as bad. If UPS really wanted to make some money I think they should discount their air prices and make it up in volume.
  14. guyin916

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    i never do one time pick up. i print the label online and hand it to a nearby driver. simple as that! i flag down drivers all the time! i save 5 bucks by doing that! no lines or driving around!
  15. moreluck

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    guyin916....that's what we do too. Our UPS driver delivers next door almost daily, so it's easy to catch him.

    Also, if we don't see him, the UPS store is right next to My Starbucks......just walk in an put the pkg. on the counter and no waiting in line.
  16. LKLND3380

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    When a customer in California can get an item to Florida in two or three days for under $5.00 via the post office. UPS would have to match or offer faster service for the money...
  17. browned_out

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    When your sending resi to resi and don't need a singnature or tracking you can't beat the usps. However if you need a signature, tracking, delivery confirmation, there rates go up alot. I have used both and while Ups is not the cheapest, you still get more for your dollar. As far as E-bay goes, most of the fools on there rape you with inflated shipping, and most don't know how to pack a box for shipment (would love to see figures on damages with usps).
  18. Coldworld

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    nobodys touching on the point that ups is cheaper than the post office on most weights and in almost all zones now. This is true. Except for the usps flat rate boxes, which can be filled up 70 lbs. I have a customer that ships out heavy steel tow chains in flat rate boxed going across the country 65 lbs for the flat rate fee. Usps is loosing their asses on these. :thumbup1: But look at regular size boxes and weights and zones, ups is cheaper. I guess its a problem of getting these packages to ups. I believe dhl and fedex both charge pickup charges. I have seen ups discounts for small and medium size customers, they are pretty good, a 40 lb ground box costing under 10 bucks, where at the ups store it would cost 45 bucks with box, packing stuff, and "expert" packing. Contrary to what others have said about ups store fees and prices, ups actually has dropped the shipping prices in the stores. MBE was nortorious for "overcharging" customers, either fedex or ups.
  19. brownieboy

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    The reason they charge 5.00 for an item, and 15-25 for shipping is simple Ebay cannot RAPE them on final value fees etc. on the shipping charges, just the Item value. I think UPS should offer some sort of flat rate box as well, heck they could possibly be more of a pain than Pottery Barn boxes.